5 Little Monsters: Crochet Project Bag Iron On Designs

Crochet Project Bag Iron On Designs

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I don't know about you, but I am never working on just one project. I always have multiple projects going at once. Sometimes it makes sense, like one of them is big or has a bunch of little pieces so I really only work on it at home, and another is a small project that I take with me to work on in the car in the school pickup line or other places I will be waiting. But plenty of other times the only reason is because in the middle of one project I get an idea that I just can't wait to try out so I start something new before I finish what I am working on, or I just get bored with a big project and have to break it up with something small.

Also, like I said before, if I know I am going to be waiting in a waiting room or in my car, or even just be away from home but knowing I will have time to sit, I always like bring a project with me to keep my hands busy and help pass the time. 

For these two reasons I sometimes end up with skeins of yarn, crochet hooks, and half finished projects scattered all over. 

Not too long ago I ordered some yarn and the company sent me a little drawstring bag with my order, and I loved having that to carry my projects around. Everything I needed for the project I was working on was inside that bag so it all stayed together and I could squish it up and stick it in my purse or just carry it by itself. I have been known to use plastic grocery bags for this from time to time and the drawstring bag was just so much nicer. 

Anyway, all of that to explain that when I found some plain canvas drawstring bags in my craft supplies I immediately knew what I wanted to do with them. I knew I could use some project bags to keep all of my supplies for each of my projects together, and to be able to take them with me when I want to and know that everything I needed was there. 

But of course I couldn't just use plain cotton drawstring bags. I wanted to add some crochet themed designs to the front of each bag to make them more fun. I came up with 3 designs and cut them out with my Cricut. Then I pressed one design on each of the bags I had. I had 3 different size bags which I think will work great for different sizes of projects. 

How to Make Crochet Project Bags with Iron On Designs

You will need:

  • Cotton Drawstring Bags  (the bags I used actually came with my Cricut EasyPresses, so I can't link to those specific bags, but these cotton produce bags seem like a similar option in a variety of sizes)  
  • Iron on Vinyl (HTV) in desired colors
  • Cricut (or other cutting machine)
  • EasyPress (or iron or heat press)
  • EasyPress Mat (or other pressing surface)


Download the file linked above to get the designs I used. It is in png format with all of the designs in one color/layer. Upload the image to the design software for your cutting machine, I used my Cricut Maker to cut out the designs so I uploaded to Cricut Design Space. 

Once you have the images in your design software you can edit them as needed to resize to fit your bags, change colors, and separate the images.

I used the slice, duplicate, and contour tools to separate the three designs, and then to add colors to the granny squares and the ball of yarn. 

Cut the images out of iron on vinyl, be sure to mirror your designs. 

Weed the designs and press onto your bags.

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