5 Little Monsters: Kindness Cookies with Therm O Web and Laura Kelly Designs

Kindness Cookies with Therm O Web and Laura Kelly Designs

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A couple of weeks ago I received a really fun package in the mail, full of fun new products for me to use in today's post. Laura Kelly is known for her cute doodles and she is always sharing ideas to promote kindness. She recently partnered with Therm O Web to create a line of stamps created from her doodles, as well as some foils and cute patterned toner sheets to use with the foils. And today I have the opportunity of participating in the Back to School with Kindness Hop with Therm O Web, Laura Kelly, and several other designers to share these new products. 

There is even a giveaway over on Instagram where you can win the entire Laura Kelly for Therm O Web product line. The contest runs through August 19, 2021, head over to Instagram for all of the details and to enter.

There are two stamp sets in this collection, Me and My Peeps, and Kindness on Purpose. I chose to get the Kindness on Purpose set to use for my project. I also used a couple of the toner sheets and foils. 

Inspired by Laura's kindness projects I wanted to make something that you could easily do to show a little kindness to someone. I used the stamps and foils to make a variety of little tags to put on bags of cookies. A small little gift that you could give to anyone to brighten their day. 

Really you could put anything you want in the little cellophane bags, some candy, non food treats like some fun school supplies, or any little small treats that you want. 

Each of the tags I made had two layers, one foiled toner sheet with a stamped paper on top. The stamps have lots of cute phrases and doodles that you can combine to make lots of different tags. I used plain cardstock for a couple of my tags, both white and colored, and for the cupcake tag I used a precut tag that I had in my craft stash. 

It was hard to get pictures that show how pretty and shiny the foiled sheets are under the stamped tags, but they are very pretty. This was a really fun project to make. Sometimes I make a lot of projects that are very time-intensive, like crocheted projects, so this quick and easy stamping project was really relaxing. Stamping, coloring, peeling back the foil to reveal the shiny paper, it was all a lot of fun to do. 

Be sure to head over to Instagram or scroll down to the bottom of this post to enter the giveaway, where you can win the whole Laura Kelly for Therm O Web collection!

How To Make Kindness Cookie Tags 

You will need:


Use a laminator or foiling machine like a Minc to foil the toner sheets. 

Preheat the laminator to the highest setting.

Place the foil sheet shiny side up on top of the toner sheet. Place the stacked sheets inside of a folded piece of parchment paper, and feed it folded side first into the laminator. 

Carefully peel back the foil sheet to reveal the foiled paper. 

Place the stamps you want to use on the clear stamp blocks, ink them, and press on the cardstock. 

Color the stamped designs if desired. 

Cut the stamped cardstock to the size you want. For the cupcake tag I used a precut tag so I just left it as is, the frog tag I cut into a long rectangle, and the rainbow tag I cut around the rainbow shape. 

Cut the foiled sheet that you will put behind the stamped portion to the size desired. I cut mine slightly larger than the stamped pieces, the cupcake and frog tags following the shape of the stamped tag, for the rainbow I cut a square a little larger than the rainbow. 

The cupcake tag is finished by punching a hole in the foiled tag, and threading a ribbon through the two holes. Then tie to the cellophane bag filled with cookies of treats. 

The frog tag is finished by gluing the stamped tag onto the foiled sheet and punching a hole through both layers. Tie onto the cellophane bag of treats. 

The rainbow tag is finished a little differently than the others. I used foam squares to stick the rainbow onto the foiled square. I then cut a long strip of colored cardstock and glued the square to the center of the strip. Place the cookies inside of the bag and fold the top down into a square shape. Wrap the strip around the cookie bag and glue in place. 

Last but not least, share your cookies and stamped tags to spread a little kindness. 

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