5 Little Monsters: Personalized Labels for School Supplies

Personalized Labels for School Supplies

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I know some kids are already back in school, some like my kids head back in the next couple of weeks, and others still have another month before they go back. But if you are in one of the last two categories you are probably getting school supplies ready. Both for kids to take to school, and to have at home for homework. 

I thought it would be fun to make some personalized labels to put on school supplies. I used printable vinyl to turn them into stickers. But, you could do the same thing with printable iron on and add labels to the back or inside of backpacks and lunchboxes, fabric pencil bags, or other fabric items. Just make sure you are careful not to melt them, some lunchbags and backpacks have plasticy layers inside and you not want to ruin a brand new bag. 

The stickers are great for pencil boxes, notebooks, binders, folder, and boxes of crayons, markers, and pencils. Really anything that you can thing of that has a hard smooth surface. 

The fun part is that you can completely customize the labels for the child you are making them for. You will obviously put their name, but in addition to that you can choose images that they like for the design on the sticker. There are lots of ways to do this, between the options available in Design Space and the ability to upload your own design you can find something for every kid. 

As examples I chose a Spiderman, specifically Miles Morales, image for my son's labels. He loves Spiderman and Miles is his favorite. I found this design in Design Space, it does cost for most of the licensed designs even if you have Cricut Access, but they are not very expensive and you pay once and then it is yours to use over and over. Since it is his favorite character I figured I would be pretty likely to use it again and the cost was worth it. I could also have purchased a Spiderman SVG from Etsy or a design site, or just found one somewhere online and uploaded it rather than purchasing the Cricut design. 

I also did an option for him with a bee, because he is just starting kindergarten and is really excited to go to school like all of his older siblings and their school mascot is a bee, so that seemed fitting. 

For the other tags I just looked in Design Space for things my girls like. There is even a way to search specifically for Print then Cut images, which tend to be more detailed and colorful since you are printing rather than layering the design. 

How to Make Personalized Labels for School Supplies

You will need:


Open a new Design Canvas.

Find the images that you want to use on your labels. There are a few different ways you can do this.

  • Find print then cut designs in Design Space. To search specifically for print then cut go to the sidebar on the left and click on Operation Type, then click the box for Print then Cut. One of my girls really like anime and kawaii styles so I looked up those and they had tons of options. They also have quite a few licensed images available for purchase including Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and more. 

  • Use other images in Design Space and change them to print then cut. This is what I did with the Spiderman image I used. It is actually a regular cut and layer design. To change it to a print then cut design simply add the image to your canvas, then click on operation on the top tool bar, and click the box for Print then cut. This flattens the image and turns it into a printable design. 

  • Upload your own design. Another great option for a project like this is to use your own images. This can be an image you downloaded. There are lots of places you can purchase SVGs including Etsy, sites like Creative Fabrica, Design Bundles, LoveSVG, and so many more. A lot of them have files available for free and to purchase. You can also draw your own design, or have your child draw something, and use that. You can then upload that image or SVG into Design Space, save it as a print then cut image, and add it to your canvas. 

Type out the words that you want, I used Property of:, or This belongs to:. 

The fonts I used were:

DTC Miss Honey for the top line on each
KidPrint Pro for Benjamin
Karley for Maren
DTC Lemonade Script for Lucy

Once you have the text and image that you want it is time to resize and align everything the way that you want it to look on the finished label. The align tool is great for making sure that you text and/or images are centered or lined up the way you want. 

Last you will need a shape that your label will be cut. I chose a simple rectangle shape. To get a rectangle just add a square from your basic shapes, click the lock on the corner to unlock, and pull the corner to the shape that you want. I just made sure that it was the size needed to cover the design I had created. You could use any shape you want your labels to be, a circle, a square, etc. 

Place the shape behind the design you have set up and make sure you like the way everything is arranged. Select all of the parts of your tag, the text, the image, and the background shape. Then click flatten. 

Now your labels are ready to print and cut. Follow the instructions on the printable material you are using. and the prompts on the screen to send the design to your printer, then cut it with your Cricut. 

Then all that is left to do is stick them on everything. 

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