5 Little Monsters: BOO! Tags

BOO! Tags

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 I recently needed to come up with an activity to do with a group of 8-11 year old girls and I wanted to do something that was Halloween related and fun. But I also thought it would be nice for them to make something they could give to someone else. I planned a couple of activities for them to do to fill the time that we had, but one of the activities was to make Boo Bags. Little bags of candy that they could secretly give to someone to "boo" them. 

I tried to keep it super simple for them, since I was working with young kids, and I just created some little ghost tags that they could cut out. Then we filled small treat bags with Halloween candy and they tied them closed with curling ribbon and added the little tag. 

I thought since I made the tags for the activity I might as well share them here as well, just in case anyone else was interested in using them. 

How to Make Boo Bags

You will need:


Open the Boo Tags File and print. The file is a png file so you can just print it as is (which is what I did) or you could upload it to a cutting machine like a Cricut and cut it out that way.

Cut out the tags and punch a hole in the top.

Fill the bag with candy. 

Tie the ribbon around the bag and add tag. 

Curl the ends of the ribbon. 

You can use the tags just as a gift tag to give away treats, as favors, or you can BOO someone by secretly leaving the bag on their porch, desk, bed, or anywhere else where they will find it.

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