5 Little Monsters: 21 Projects to Make with a Cricut

21 Projects to Make with a Cricut

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When I first started looking into getting my first Cricut I spent a lot of time trying to decide if it was going to be worth it. Would I really use it? There were some projects that I thought I would make, but I wasn't sure if I would use it enough to justify the cost. I didn't quite grasp at that point all of the things you could do with a Cricut. At the time I was mostly interested in using it to cut vinyl and iron on, I thought the only reason to use it for paper crafts was if you were a scrapbooker, which is one craft I have never really gotten into, and besides those things I didn't know what else you would use it for. What I discovered was that there was so much you can do, so many different types of projects you can make. And it has become one of the most used things in my craft room. 

So what kind of projects can you make with a Cricut? 

There are so many. Clothing, home decor, holiday decorations, cards, party favors, and so much more. Let me share a few examples and some of my favorite projects. Iron on and vinyl projects are my favorite materials to work with, so there are going to be a lot of those, but I will be sure to throw in a few others as well. 


One type of project that I have mad a lot with my Cricut is clothing, adding iron on or Infusible Ink to shirts and other clothing is a quick and easy way to make personalized or unique clothing items. I have lots of examples of these projects on my blog but here are a few of my favorites:

ASL T-Shirt Collection

This was a set of shirts that I designed inspired by my 3 deaf kids. I loved that I could take something that was representative of them and create designs based on that. 

Baby Bodysuits

Baby onesies are another project I have made many times. They are great for baby gifts, showers, announcements, and just to make fun onesies for baby to wear.  These onesies are made with a combination of iron on and Infusible Ink. 

Be Grateful Shirt

Another great way to use your Cricut to make customized clothing is for holidays. I made this t-shirt to wear around Thanksgiving, though it works year round. I have also made Halloween shirts, Christmas shirts, Valentines, ...you get the picture.

Best Day Ever Shirt

Vacation shirts are another fun type of shirt to make. You can make personalized shirts for your family vacation, they can even be matching if you want. This shirt was one I made for my 3 year old when we went to Disneyland last year. 

Home Decor Projects

Another category of craft projects that I often use my Cricut to make are home decor projects. Whether it is something to hang on the wall, a pillow to throw on the couch, or a wreath for your door, there are so many ways to use your Cricut to decorate your home. 

Welcome Sign 

This welcome sign combines multiple materials cut with the Cricut Maker. The wreath and welcome are cut out of vinyl, and the rolled flowers are made of felt. Hang it on your door to welcome people to your home. 

Big Star Quilt

Using the rotary blade on the Cricut Maker you can cut fabric, including all of the pieces to make a pretty patchwork quilt. This throw size quilt is perfect for cuddling up on the couch with a good book or movie. 

Reverse Canvas

Reverse canvases are one of my favorite wall decor items to make. All you need is an inexpensive artist canvas and a little bit of iron on and paint, and you can make decor to match any theme or style. This one I made to put with some Harry Potter decor, I have also made them to decorate for several different holidays. You can make it with any design, or to match any decor theme you would like. 

Cards, Gift Tags, and Boxes

Cards, gift tags, gift boxes, cupcake toppers, and party favors, are all quick and easy to make with the help of a Cricut Machine. 

Cricut Joy Insert Cards

The Cricut Joy Insert Cards make card making super easy. There are ready to make designs available for all occasions and the card sets come in a huge variety of colors. 

Gift Box with Tissue Paper Flower

This simple gift box is made of cardstock cut out on a Cricut, and so is the tissue paper flower on top! It is the perfect size to fill with treats or a small gift. 

Simple Gift Tags 

There are lots of easy ways to make gift tags with a Cricut, from super simple ones like this to designs that are much more complex and detailed. The draw and cut feature and Cricut Pens make these tags so quick and easy to make.

Unicorn Cupcake Toppers

These cupcake toppers couldn't have been easier to make and they were perfect for my unicorn and sparkle loving daughter's birthday. 


This is one of my favorite categories of crafts to make and it is going to be really hard for me to narrow it down to just a few examples of projects you can make for holidays. Part of the problem is that there are so many seasons and holidays to choose from, and I have made projects for all of them, but also there are so many types of projects you can make (see all of the categories above, holiday outfits/costumes, holiday home decor, holiday card, etc). But here are a few example of the many types of projects you can make for the holidays. 

Toddler Halloween Skeleton Shirt

Holiday themed shirts can be a lot of fun, and for halloween you can make costumes, or parts of costumes, too. My son loved this shirt and continued to wear it when it was a size or 2 too small. He loved the skeleton bones and the candy in the tummy! I love seeing my kids love something that I made for them. 

Star Ornament and Gift Box

Christmas ornaments are a great project to make with your Cricut, you can use all different kinds of materials to make them. These star ornaments are cut out of chipboard with the Cricut Maker Knife Blade. I also made cardstock gift boxes to hold the ornaments. 

North Pole Sign

Holiday Decor like this Christmas sign are another great way to use your Cricut for holiday crafting. This one was made with white vinyl on a large chalkboard.

Fireworks Treat Bags

You can make little treats and favors for different holidays. That may just be a little tag on a goodie bag, or a gift box like with the ornament above, or it could be a little treat bag like this. The holographic iron on really makes these fireworks sparkle. 

Christmas Coasters

With Infusible Ink and the compatible coaster sets you can make coasters for any holiday, like this Christmas set that I made. 

BOO! Trick or Treat Bag

Another Halloween specific project is trick or treat bags. I usually make my kids trick or treat bags every year, often something to match their costume. This BOO! bag is super simple and would go with any halloween costume. 

Crochet and Cricut

These projects that I have shown barely scratch the surface of what you can make with your Cricut, there is so much more I could show. But before I finish I thought I would share a couple more projects that combine a couple of my favorite crafts. If you follow my blog at all you probably know that I enjoy a wide variety of different crafts but I do a lot of crocheting. You may not think crocheting and Cricut crafts go together but, I have found a few ways to use my Cricut in conjunction with crochet. 

Hat Templates

One thing I really enjoy crocheting is hats, especially this time of the year. When I design hats I want to make sure they are turning out the right size so I made these handy hat templates out of cardstock to help me ensure the sizes are right. They are easy to make, easy to use, and so convenient. 

Leather Tags

These leather tags were cut and engraved with my Cricut Maker. I used a woodburning tool to add more detail to some of the tags. They can be added as a finishing touch to hats, scarves, blankets, and more. 

Crochet Project Bags

I love to use drawstring bags to keep my projects together, so I figured I might as well add some crochet themed designs to the bags that I had.

Packaging for Finished Items

The last way that I am going to share that I have combined crochet and Cricut projects is by adding packaging cut on my Cricut. For these face scrubbies I used the draw and cut feature to write on the wraps. You could use this to add care instructions to your projects, or just to give a more finished look to an item you are giving as a gift or selling. 

Like I mentioned before, these are just a few examples of projects you can make, there are blades and materials I didn't even mention here. But hopefully this shows that there are a lot of ways you can use a Cricut in your crafting. Whether it is making shirts or vinyl signs, or Christmas ornaments and cupcake toppers, there is something for everyone. I use my Cricut all the time to make last minute projects for my family. When it is spirit week at school and you need a shirt with a specific theme, Cricut to the rescue. When your husband is heading to a comic convention and wants to geeky masks to wear, Cricut to the rescue. When you need to take a treat to someone and want it to look cute, Cricut to the rescue. It has quickly become one of my favorite and most used tools in my craft room. 

If you are new to Cricut here are a few of my favorite products, and the things I use most often, to get you started:

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