5 Little Monsters: Top 20 Posts of 2021

Top 20 Posts of 2021

At the end of each year I do a round up post of the top posts of the year. I love going back and looking at what I made throughout the year, and it is fun to see which were the most popular. The last few years I have done the top 18 of 2018, or 19 of 2019, and 20 0f 2020, but I kind of felt like I wanted to cap it at 20, just because that is already a lot. So from here on out I plan on just doing the top 20 of each year. 

So without further ado, here are the 5 Little Monsters Top 20 projects of 2021, starting at 20 and counting up to number 1:

5 Little Monsters Top 20 of 2021

These little crocheted school supplies may not actually help you with your homework, but they sure are cute.

19. Clay Disc Bead Bracelets

This summer I did a summer camp crafts series and one of the projects was these bracelets made with thin clay disc beads. My daughters loved making these, and for one it was the start of a jewelry making hobby. 

18. Aurora Scarf

I made this scarf using a stitch combination that I fell in love with, and I ended up using it for several more designs including a hat, that is also on this list, and some bag patterns. 

17. Silt Stitch Dishcloth

In the spring I did a dishcloth week, with a new crocheted dishcloth pattern each week. This Silt Stitch Dishcloth is one of 2 from that series that made the list. 

This pumpkin bear is one of 2 seasonal/holiday bears I made this year, but I have plans to continue the series next year with more holidays and seasons. 

15. Crossed Doubles Dishcloth

Another dishcloth from Dishcloth Week. The Crossed Doubles Dishcloth is a simple stitch pattern with great texture. 

14. Easter Perler Bead Designs

Perler Beads are one of our favorite kid crafts and these 6 designs are great for Easter time. 

13: Long Legged Animals Clothes and Accessories

I made some long-legged animal dolls, and these clothes could be mixed and matched between them. The animals all made the list too. 

The Aurora Hat pattern is available in child and adult sizes. I love the texture of the pattern on these hats. 

11. Long Legged Cat

The long-legged cat is the first, or maybe it is the last since we are counting up to number 1, of the long-legged animals to make the list. 

10. Long Legged Bear

But just one spot above the cat is the long-legged bear, the second of the animals to show up on the list. 

9. How to Make Stickers

Early this year Cricut released their offset feature in Design Space, and it is perfect for making vinyl stickers. 

Hats are one of my favorite things to make and this pattern comes in 9 sizes from preemie to adult, so you can make them for everyone. 

7: Bloque Stitch Blanket

I love the texture of this stitch combined with the long color changes in the yarn. 

6. How to Use the Cricut Mug Press

This post is from when the mug press first came out, and I was first able to try it out. I have done a few more mug posts since then. It is a fun product to use. 

5. Bobble Pumpkins

Bumpy pumpkins for fall.

Coming in at number 4 is the last of the long-legged animals. The bunny is the first pattern in the series that I shared, and apparently the most popular. It is great for Easter baskets!

3. Leather Tags for Crochet Projects

Leather tags cut out and engraved with the Cricut add the perfect finishing touch to crochet projects. 

2. Embroidered Canvas Paintings

Adding embroidery to a painted canvas is a fun way to mix mediums. 

And coming in at number 1, the most popular 5 Little Monsters project of the year, is the Crocheted Triceratops. I was happy to see this one in the number one spot because it is definitely one of my favorite projects of the year. 

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