5 Little Monsters: Infusible Ink Stackable Mugs

Infusible Ink Stackable Mugs

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It has been a while since I have made any mugs using my Mug Press, but the weather has turned a lot colder this past week, we even had a tiny bit of snow, and I feel like hot chocolate season has arrived. My family aren't coffee drinkers, but when the cold weather arrives my kids are all about the hot chocolate. So, I figured maybe it was time to make some new mugs to go along with the season. 

Cricut came out with their stackable mugs a long time ago, but I had not used them yet. I have wanted to try them out for a while and decided this would be a perfect opportunity. I have seen a couple of different ways to use the stackable mugs from a design perspective. The first is when you have a continuous design that flows through the stack of mugs, so when they are all stacked up you see the whole picture. The other is where you just have a set of kind of coordinating designs, like an animal face on each mug, all similar in style but different animals, so each mug is its own design, but they all coordinate. 

I really liked the idea of the designs that flow through the stack so they all fit together to make a design, but I really wanted something that also worked on its own so that it didn't look like you had the middle piece of a design that didn't really make sense when not stacked with the others. 

I came up with a couple of designs that I thought would fit that style that I wanted, but also be kind of wintery themed and fit with the season, kind of Christmasy without being too Christmasy. So I chose snowflakes and pine trees for my 2 designs. 

For the snowflake design I found a whole bunch of different snowflake designs and sliced them out of the mug wraps. When you stack them the snowflakes match up, but when you use just one mug it just looks like a mug covered in snowflakes.

For the tree design I wanted to create a design that sort of looked like a forest with the trees in the foreground in one color, and the background in another, then the trees in the foreground on the next mug the same color as the foreground on the one underneath. This gives it the flow I wanted when they are stacked, but they also work as stand alone designs as well. 

With holidays coming up a stack of cute mugs would make a fun gift, especially when paired with some hot chocolate or other treats. 

How to Make Infusible Ink Stackable Mugs

You will need:


Open the Design Space file you want to use, or create your own using the mug wrap templates, just be sure to choose the correct size. 

Cut the designs out of Infusible Ink.

Weed the designs. For the tree design I pulled off the trees and stuck them to the same transfer sheet as the background. Then I pressed them both at the same time. 

Wrap the design around the mug, use heat resistant tape to secure if necessary. 

Heat up the mug press until the light turns green and the press is ready. 

Place the mug in the press and press down the lever. 

When the time is up and the press beeps carefully remove the mug from the press, touching only the handle. 

Set on a heat resistant surface to cool and carefully remove the wrap from the mug. 

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