5 Little Monsters: Scrappy Four Patch Coasters

Scrappy Four Patch Coasters

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Do you have a box or bin full of fabric scraps leftover for other projects? I know I do, and this year I have been really trying to focus on using up a lot of what I already have on hand rather than always getting new supplies for my projects. 

I recently redid my craft room, including getting new storage shelves and rearranging the room. Nothing makes you realize how my stuff you have as pulling everything out and reorganizing it. Since then I have made it a goal for myself to try to work on using up some of my stash of craft supplies as much as I can, rather than buying a lot of new stuff. That goes for yarn, fabric, vinyl, etc. I am hoping to make a dent in the amount of stash I have built up so I am not overflowing my storage as much as I am currently. 

One of my favorite ways to use up small amounts of supplies I have in my stash is to make small projects (because they are great for using up small amounts), or scrappy projects (because you can use up a variety of your material in one project), and this particular project is both. 

These little 4 patch coasters are super quick and easy to make and use up small scraps. I wanted to use bright, fun colors with a lot of florals, partially because that is what I had a lot of but also because I actually made these a few weeks ago and am just late sharing them, and it was spring time officially, but our weather hadn't seemed to get the memo and we were still getting lots of snow and I was kind of over it. I wanted to make a bright, fun project that felt like spring. And I wanted a really scrappy look too, rather than something that looked super planned out, which is my normal way of doing things. It was fun to kind of change it up a little. 

How to Make Scrappy Four Patch Coasters

Finished Size: 4" square

You will need:


*1/4" seam allowance used for all seams

Trim your scraps into 2.5" squares (4 for each coaster)

Cut out 1- 4.5" square for the back of coaster (1 per coaster)

Cut 1- 4.5" square of cotton batting (1 per coaster)

Layout the squares to figure out your placement

Sew 2 squares together, then repeat with the other 2 squares so that you have 2 rectangles of 2 squares

Sew those two rectangles together to make the 4 patch square

Place the 4 patch square and the backing square right sides together, then place the batting square on top of that

Sew around the edge of the square leaving an opening of about 1.5" on one size

Pull through the opening to turn right side out

Topstitch around the edge of the coaster, close to the edge, closing up the opening in the side as you stitch. 

Repeat to make as many coasters as you want. 

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  1. What a great way to use scraps! I definitely want to give this a try! Thanks so much for sharing this!