5 Little Monsters: Jolly Holly- Woodland Christmas Crochet Along Day 8

Jolly Holly- Woodland Christmas Crochet Along Day 8

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*Ebook with all 12 patterns included available for purchase on Etsy and Ravelry

It is Day 8 of the Woodland Christmas Mini Amigurumi Crochet Along and this is the last non-animal included in the set. Today we have a jolly little holly.

I wanted to include a few little nature elements, something other than just animals in this set that would go along with the woodland theme. So I thought of a few different things I could include and I came up with a few options, obviously a mushroom and an acorn, I thought about a little tree, but since I had a tree in the last Christmas crochet along I decided to scratch that one (although I guess there is technically a tiny tree with the fox). I also thought a pinecone would be really cool, but I decided against that one because I added faces to all of the others and since a pinecone would be very heavily textured it would be too hard to add a face to it. The last one on the list was a little trio of holly berries and leaves. And that is what we have today.

This one is a little different than some of the others because it is almost hard to even call it amigurumi, the only stuffed part is the little holly berries, and they are really small. Although, like the acorn they are only small in comparison to most crocheted items, but they are actually really big compared to the real thing. 

The Jolly Holly consists of 3 little round berries, one that I added a little smiling face to, and two spiky, flat leaves. You could change up the number of berries and leaves, 3 berries and 3 leaves seems to be another common combination, or you could even just make one of each. Switch it up any way you want. 

*Ebook with all 12 patterns included available for purchase on Etsy and Ravelry

How to Crochet Jolly Holly

Finished Size about 4" across finished (berries about 1" in diameter)

You will need:


The berries are worked in the round starting with a magic ring. The leaves are made starting with a chain, working down one side, and then turning and working into the other side of the chain. 


Make 3 with red yarn, beginning with magic ring

Round 1: in mr, ch 1, 6 sc (6 sc)
Round 2: 2 sc in each st (12 sc)
Rounds 3-4: 1 sc in each st (12 sc)

Insert safety eyes between rounds 3 and 4, a couple of stitches apart
Begin stuffing and continue stuffing as you work

Round 5: sc2tog around (6 sc)

Finish off, weave around opening and cinch closed
Weave in ends and cut on 2 of the 3 berries, leave a long tail on the third
Use the tail to sew the 3 berries together into a cluster

Holly Leaf

Make 2 with green yarn, beginning with a chain

ch 13
Row 1: starting in ch closest to hook sl st in first ch, [sc in next st, hdc in next, dc in next, ch 2, sl st in 1st ch (picot), dc in next st, hdc in next] repeat, sc in next ch, sl st in last ch (2 sl st, 3 sc, 4 hdc, 4 dc, 2 picot)
Row 2: ch 1, turn so that you are working in the other side of the starting ch and repeat row 1 on that side (2 sl st, 3 sc, 4 hdc, 4 dc, 2 picot)

Finish off and cut yarn, weave in ends on one leaf, on the other leaf leave a long tail for sewing 

Place the leaves together at one end and stitch together
Stitch the cluster of berries to the leaves

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