5 Little Monsters: Fabric Strip Valentine Garland

Fabric Strip Valentine Garland

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I was looking for some simple Valentine's Day decor that I could use to decorate my mantle and also use as a photo prop for the Movie Quote Valentine Signs I shared yesterday. I found a felt ball garland at the store that I purchased, but when I hung it up I thought it would be fun to have a couple of garlands hanging together. 

I had a lot of fabric scraps so I thought a fabric strip garland would be a fun option for a second garland. I went to my scrap bin and pulled out all of the reds and pinks that I had. I didn't worry about how well they matched individually, I just wanted a big variety for a scrappy look. 

I tore the fabric into strips and cut the strips into smaller pieces. Then I measured out a piece of twine the length that I wanted, I wanted it to hang just below the felt ball garland. Then I tied the strips to the twine. 

It was such a simple project, although a little messy, I was covered in strings from tearing the fabric strips. It took a while to tie all of the fabric strips onto the twine because I made my garland pretty long. But it is a very mindless project, great for sitting and working on while you watch a movie or listen to a book. 

The nice thing about projects like this is that although I made it for Valentine's Day you could make it for any holiday. Just change up the colors of the fabrics you use. You could use greens for St. Patrick's Day, pastels for Easter, red white and blue for the 4th of July, etc. 

How to Make a Fabric Strip Garland

You will need:


Begin by tearing your fabric into several strips, about 1" wide. I started with tearing 2 strips from each fat quarter or scrap, and then went back and tore more as needed. 

Cut the torn strips into smaller pieces about 6" long. 

I wanted a scrappy look so I piled all of my cut strips into a basket, mixed them all up, and pulled them out one at a time. 

Measure the length you want your garland to be so that you can cut your twine. I made mine a little more than 6 ft long. Tie a loop on one end for hanging, then measure the length you want, tie a loop on that end, and cut off the extra. 

Tie the strips onto the string one in a random order. Cut more strips as needed until you have filled the entire length of twine. 

Hang up and enjoy!

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