5 Little Monsters: Dinosaur Printable Valentine Cards

Dinosaur Printable Valentine Cards

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner so it is time to start thinking about Valentine's for kids to pass out in their classes. Each year I try to share a few printable cards that can either be used just like they are, or paired with an inexpensive, small, non-food gift. This is the second card set for this year, check out my car themed cards in my previous post. 

As I have mentioned before, I like to have non-food options for Valentine's Day because of my daughter and her health needs. Whether it is just an attempt to give kids less candy on an already sugar filled holiday, or due to allergies or other health needs, I think it is nice to have some non-candy options. Even my kids that don't have any health concerns are always excited about little toys and gifts, even more than the candy. 

I always try to make sure the toys, or other items I choose, are inexpensive since you will most likely need 20-30 to pass out to an entire class. My goal has always been under $1, but the cheaper the better, and today's idea is well under that goal, the package of 12 was only $2.

Just like with the cars I shared in my last post, I just went to Walmart and looked around in their little Valentine favors to see what they had that I thought would be fun. I found this little pack of dinosaur erasers that I thought would be cute, and they would work well for girls and boys. Plus, I am always a sucker for dinosaur themed stuff because I loved dinosaurs when I was a kid. 

I used theses dino erasers because that is what I found at the store when I was looking, but you could also just use little plastic dinosaurs which are also inexpensive and fun for kids to get. In fact, as a kid I probably would have liked that even more. As I was looking for options I also found several other dinosaur themed items that would work well with these valentines like little dinosaur shaped pop-its, dinosaur stickers, dinosaur squishies, silicone bracelets, glow in the dark dinosaurs, the little dinosaurs that grow in water, and so many more options. You can look up dinosaur favors for a lot of inexpensive, small, bulk options for dinosaur themed toys. 

I made 3 different card designs, each page contains 2 of each card design for a total of 6 cards. The 3 designs say "You're a DINO-MITE friend", "I think you're RAWR-SOME", and "You are T-RRIFIC". 

How to Use Dinosaur Themed Printable Valentine Cards

You will need:

Print as many copies of the PDF as you need, each page will have 6 cards- 2 each of 3 different designs. 

Cut the cards out, I used the paper cutter and it was really easy to just slice them apart, but scissors work great too.

Use small bags to attach the dinosaur to the card, I used small jewelry baggies and they were the perfect size to put the dinosaur in and then I used a hole punch and some string to attach the card to the baggie. You could also staple the card to the bag, or use a cellophane bag and tie a ribbon around it. 

Credit: dinosaur graphics used made by DigitalArtsi

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