5 Little Monsters: Easter Shaped Wood Signs

Easter Shaped Wood Signs

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February and March have been super busy months for me personally, lots of family stuff going on including a lot of medical stuff, and because my focus has needed to be taking care of those things I feel like I have not gotten as many Easter projects up as I planned. It doesn't help that Easter is on the earlier end of where it can fall this year. So here we are a week and a half before Easter and I have a few more projects done that I want to squeeze in before Easter. 

One of the projects I made was a set of little wooden Easter signs using shaped cutouts. I found these wood bunny and egg shapes at Michaels and thought they would be cute with a little bit of paint and vinyl. 

I chose a couple of simple Easter themed phrases to put on the wood cutouts, I went with "Happy Easter" and "Easter Blessings". I used designs I found in Cricut Design Space for mine, but you could even just type out the phrase you want in some cute fonts if you want.  

I also chose a couple of pastel paint colors that I thought looked Easter-ish. I went with a blush pink and a light aqua blue. 

I have been working on a lot of crochet projects lately, with a crochet along coming up as well as some other projects I have in the works. And crochet projects always take a little more time to make  so sometimes a quick and easy project to break up the longer projects is just what I need. The only part of this project that takes a while is letting the paint dry. 

How to Make Easter Shaped Wood Signs

You will need:


Choose the design you want. I kept it simple with premade designs that were available in Design Space, but edited them a little bit to make them work for my needs. You can find the designs I used here. If you don't want to use a premade design you can just choose a couple of cute fonts and type out the phrase you need. 

Paint the signs the color you want and set aside to let dry.

Cut out your designs out of vinyl and weed. 

Use transfer tape to put the vinyl on your painted wood shape, making sure it is fully dry. 

Sand the edges of the wood shape to distress lightly. 

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