5 Little Monsters: Quilt As You Go Strip Table Runner

Quilt As You Go Strip Table Runner

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Over the past few months I have been making some table runners in different colors, for different seasons and holidays. It started when I made a reversible fall/halloween table runner and then decided that I would like to have some more to decorate my table throughout the year. 

Each of the table runners that I have made have been basic patchwork patterns that could be made in any colors, the only thing that makes them season or holiday specific is the fabric that I have used for each one. In other words, even though I have made them for specific seasons you could make them in any colors, for any season, or just to match the room you want it in. 

For this table runner I chose a variety of shades of green. That way it worked for St. Patricks Day, but it also isn't specifically St. Patrick's Day, just green. 

This is probably the easiest of the table runners I have made. It is made in a quilt as you go method so it works up really fast. Because you are quilting all three layers, top, batting, and bottom, all together as you piece the top, it means that the when you are finished piecing the top all you have left to do is the binding. 

To make it even easier I used a jelly roll (actually mixed strips from 2 different jelly rolls) for the strips, which means very little cutting. All I needed to do was cut the strips the length that I needed them to be, and cut the back and batting to size. 

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How to Make a Quilt As You Go Strip Table Runner

Finished Size: 30" x 16"

You will need:


Cut a piece of batting and backing to the size you want your finished table runner to be. I made mine 30" long and 16" wide. You may want to cut them just a little larger than the finished size, and then trim down at the end. 

For a 30" long table runner made using 2.5" strips from a jelly roll you will need 15 strips. I wanted a variety of prints and shades of green so I combined 2 small jelly rolls and chose a some from each. The jelly rolls I used were small and had 24 strips with 2 each of 12 prints. Since I needed 15 strips I would have had to duplicate some fabrics so using 2 worked better for the look I wanted.

Once you have chosen your 15 strips cut a 16" long strip of each one. 

Layer you backing, then batting, then find the center and place the center strip centered right side up on top of the batting. Pin in place.

Place the second strip right side down on top of the first strip and sew along one side. 

Flip the second strip out and press.

Place the next strip right side down on the second strip and sew down the side. Flip out and press. 

Repeat with the next 5 strips so that you have a total of 8 strips, the center strip and 7 more to the end. Then repeat with the other 7 strips on the other side of the center strip, sewing a new strip on and pressing it out. 

Trim any uneven edges so you have a nice, clean rectangle. 

Bind the edge. 

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