5 Little Monsters: Free Printables for Easter and Spring

Free Printables for Easter and Spring

Spring is almost officially here but where I am the weather has already started feeling more like spring. At least most of the time. A few days ago we had a day with a high of 60 degrees, it was beautiful, then later that evening we had a big snow storm with crazy wind and lightning. But I guess that is what you get during springtime in Utah. A few days ago my daughter pointed out to me that our tulips are starting to pop up in the flower bed. Little signs that spring is on the way. Easter is a little later this year than it was last year, it isn't until April, but spring and Easter kind of go together in my mind. I decided to make a couple of printables to celebrate the coming of springtime.

I made three different prints, one in two sizes. The first two are use the same flower wreath and I just changed out the words. The first one says Hello Spring so if you want something that is more just for spring that one is probably the one you want. It has a wreath of pretty pink watercolor flowers surrounding the words. The printable is 8" square.

After I made that one I decided to make a version more specifically for Easter. I used the same layout that I had for the spring print and just switched out the words to say Happy Easter instead. I thought some people might want something more specific to the holiday rather than the season. This one is also a square print, 8" x 8".

For me Easter is very much a religious holiday so I wanted to include a printable that would represent that part too. I used a coordinating pink flower with the words He is Risen. It matches the other prints so you can use it with them or by itself. I made this print available in 2 sizes, 8" x 10" or 5" x 7".

I printed them all off on white cardstock and picked up some inexpensive frames from Walmart to put them in.  I loved the way they turned out, I think the flowers are so pretty and perfect for spring.

Hope you enjoy these free printables you can download them here:

Hello Spring Printable

Happy Easter Printable

He is Risen Printable, 8" x 10"

He is Risen Printable, 5" x 7"


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