5 Little Monsters: Crocheted Baby Doll Set

Crocheted Baby Doll Set

-Project Sponsored by Fairfield World-

I have been wanting to make a baby doll and doll set that included a moses basket style bed for a while, with 3 little girls in our house dolls are pretty popular around here. I recently got around to making the doll as well as a bed, blanket, and pillow set. I think it would make a really fun Christmas gift for a little girl, or a gift for an older sibling getting a new baby brother or sister.

The patterns for both are available free on the Fairfield World website.

Baby Doll Crochet Pattern

Baby Doll Bed and Bedding Set Crochet Pattern


  1. Thank you forr this awesome pattern!!! I am for sure going to make this for 2 of my granddaughters!

  2. Thank you for your content!This have helped me alot because they had important things for my job