5 Little Monsters: Crocheted Storage Basket

Crocheted Storage Basket

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Crocheted storage basket for diapers

Over the past 10 years I don't think there has ever been a time when we haven't had at least one kid in diapers. At times we had two in diapers at the same time. Over the years we have found a few things that have worked well for us. One of the things that I feel has been helpful is having a place to keep a few diapers in parts of the house that we spend a lot of time, like having a basket for diapers in the living room or downstairs in the family room. That way if we are all downstairs and need to change a diaper I don't have to go upstairs to the baby's bedroom to get a diaper. I used to have a small storage ottoman that I kept full of diapers and wipes in my living room but after going through 6 kids it finally broke and I haven't had anything to keep diapers in out there. I have missed having them so accessible so I decided to make something I could keep a few diapers and a pack of wipes in. I decided to crochet a little storage basket that I could keep on the bottom shelf of my end table, the perfect size for holding diapers and wipes.

make a crocheted storage baskets for holding diapers

Another thing that I feel like makes my life easier with kids in diapers is buying them in bulk. That way I don't feel like I am constantly buying diapers or running out and making emergency store runs to pick up diapers. We have had club memberships in the past and the membership we recently had just expired last month. The store we had been going to is not particularly close to our house and we debated whether or not we should renew out membership or change to a different membership club. We were looking at our options and we found that Sam's Club, which is really close to our house, has a great deal right now for anyone who buys diapers and baby wipes. When you buy a new membership you get $45 instant savings when you buy 3 participating Huggies® products. One of the worries with paying for a membership like that is whether or not you will save enough money to make it worth it, with this deal you make it back right away. To get this deal you need to sign up by clicking this link, you can either sign up online, or print off the offer to bring it in to your local club to sign up there. If you sign up online there is an additional $5 e-gift gard that you will get as well.

get a great deal on a new Sam's Club membership with Huggies

We went in to go buy our diapers and wipes and my husband decided to try out the Scan and Go feature on their app and he thought it was the best thing ever, I think that one thing by itself sold him on Sam's Club. You just add a form of payment to the app, scan everything with your phone as you put it in your cart, and pay for it on your phone when you are done. They scan your phone when you leave to check your receipt. It was super easy, no waiting in lines with screaming kids, it was great. 

rectangular crocheted storage basket perfect for diapers

How to Make a Crocheted Storage Basket

Finished Size 12" x 8" x 4.5"

You will need: 

  • 2-3 7oz skeins of worsted weight yarn (you will be working with 3 strands at once, I pulled from the center of one and the outside and center of another, you may prefer to have 3 skeins to work from but you will use less than 2 full skeins)
  • J crochet hook
  • yarn needle
  • scissors


Hold 3 strands of yarn together as you work 

ch 34
Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch to the end (33 sc)
Row 2: ch 1, turn, sc in each stitch to the end (33 sc)
Row 3-20: repeat row 2 (33 sc)

This is the base of your basket, you will now begin working in rounds around the base to create the sides of your basket

crochet base for basket

Round 1: ch 1, turn so you are working down the short side of, sc in each stitch (20 sc) along the short side, turn and work along the first long side, 1 sc in each stitch (33 sc), work 1 sc in the second short side (20 sc), work 1 sc in each stitch along the second long side (33 sc), sl st to first sc to join (106 sc)
Round 2: ch 1, sc in first stitch, ch 1, skip 1 stitch, [sc in next stitch, ch 1, skip 1 stitch] repeat around, slip stitch to first sc to join (53 sc, 53 ch sp)
Round 3: sl st in first ch space,  ch 1, skip 1 stitch, [sc in next ch space, ch 1, skip 1 stitch] repeat around, slip stitch to first sc to join (53 sc, 53 ch sp)
Round 4-10: repeat round 3 (53 sc, 53 ch sp)
Round 11: ch 1, sc in each stitch around (106 sc)
Round 12: ch 1, reverse sc in each stitch around (106 reverse sc)

Finish off, weave in ends

Make your own crocheted storage basket

This basket is the perfect size to hold a couple rows of diapers and a package of wipes. Perfect for keeping some diapers in the family room, or just to have a pretty way to store your diapers in the nursery. 

If you want to try out this awesome Sam's Club New Membership offer don't forget to go here to sign up to get the deal. 

Free pattern for a crocheted storage basket perfect for holding diapers and baby wipes


  1. My sister crochets and she would like this pattern. I will share it with her for sure! #client

  2. One of these days I need to learn to crochet!!