5 Little Monsters: Be-YOU-tiful T-Shirt

Be-YOU-tiful T-Shirt

I recently had a friend ask me to make some iron on decals for t-shirts and I figured if I was going make them anyway, I might as well share them here in case anyone else would like them.

One of them that she requested was the phrase Be-YOU-tiful. I had made a design using this phrase in the past. I used it to make a hot mess canvas but because of the orientation of the canvas I felt like I needed to adjust the design for a t-shirt. The original design had the be, the you, and the tiful stacked on top of each other. You could do that for a shirt but it would take up the whole front of the shirt and I wanted to make it a single line of text instead.

I ended up going with a different font for part of the word as well, but it is still based on my original design. I used some of the pretty watercolor patterned iron on from Natalie Malan for the decal. It is a little hard to see in the pictures but it is a pale pink watercolor wash and it is really pretty. I originally cut them out sized to go on an adult t-shirt so it is a little big on the child size shirt that I used. I would probably make it a little bit smaller if I was cutting it out planning to put it on a child size shirt, but it still works.

You can find the Be-YOU-tiful Design Space File HERE, so that you can make your own, just cut out and press.

Or find the original canvas design HERE, with the instructions available in this blog post.

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