5 Little Monsters: Infusible Ink Coasters with Transfer Sheets

Infusible Ink Coasters with Transfer Sheets

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Last week I shared the coasters I made with Cricut's new infusible ink pens, now I am going to share how I used the other two coasters in the package. For these two I used the infusible ink transfer sheets instead of pens. 

I think these are my favorite infusible ink project so far. The pens were really neat because you are just drawing/writing on regular paper and then it transfers, which is really cool. But I love the look of the transfer sheets for a couple of reasons. 

One- I really like the more filled in design that you get with the transfer sheets. If I had used this same design with the pens it would have just been a simple outline of the words, background and design, rather than the colorful background with the words and images cut out. You could color the background in with the markers or pens but I just love the look you get with the transfer sheet. 

Two- I love the patterns. My favorite iron on patters are the watercolor type designs so I really loved the designs in this pack of infusible ink. My favorite is the rainbow colored one, the Be Happy coaster. The colors are so fun and pretty.

I also love seeing the difference in brightness when you look at the transfer sheet vs. when you press it. When you first look at the transfer sheet the color is dull and not that pretty, but when you pull it up after pressing the colors are so bright and vibrant.

How to Make Infusible Ink Coasters with Transfer Sheets

You will need:

The first thing you will need to do is decide on a design. I started by looking at the pre-made coaster designs already available in Design Space. There were a ton of square coaster designs and I really like the "Be Kind" and "Be Happy" designs, so I chose to use those. If you wanted to complete the set of 4 there are also designs that say "Make it Happen", and "Dare to Dream", as well as a lot of other patterns.

Now you are ready to cut the designs. Place the transfer sheet on the mat colored side up. Just like with iron on you will want to make sure to mirror your design, especially if you have words or other directional designs.

Once your design is cut you are ready to press it onto the coaster.

Preheat your EasyPress 2 to 400 degrees (check here for instructions if using Original EasyPress or ceramic coasters)

Cover your mat with white cardstock to protect the surface. Wipe your tile with a lint free cloth. Place design face down on top of coaster. Cover with butcher paper.

Carefully place the EasyPress on top of the coaster with no added pressure for 60 seconds.

Lift the Press, remove the butcher paper. Let the coaster cool, it will be very hot, then carefully remove the paper and see the big reveal.

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