5 Little Monsters: Two Color Zipper Pouch

Two Color Zipper Pouch

Today I am excited to be participating in the Christmas in July Make Along with Underground Crafter. 29 bloggers are coming together to bring you a month full of crochet, knitting, and sewing pattern to help kickstart your handmade holidays. Each week will have a theme for the gift patterns and ideas.
Week 1 (July 1-7): Babies, Kids, and Teens
Week 2 (July 8-14): Women
Week 3 (July 15-21): Men
Week 4 (July 22-28): Home
Week 5 (July 29-31): Pets

There will also be fun prizes you can win by joining in and sharing your projects. You can get all of the information on prizes, how to share your projects, participating designers, and more on Underground Crafter.

I am sharing a project for week 1, the babies, kids, and teens week. I kind of wanted to make something that could be made for older kids and teens, but that could really work for a variety of ages. I feel like it is easier to come up with handmade gift ideas for babies and little kids, but it becomes harder as they get older.

I thought about my preteen daughter and the kinds of things that she is into and I thought a little zipper pouch would be a perfect little gift for her. All of my girls love bags to hold all sorts of things and it could easily be paired other items as a handmade part of a larger gift.

I made it 8.5" x 6.5" so it is large enough to hold a variety of things. It could hold makeup, pencils or other art supplies, phone accessories like chargers and headphones, hair stuff, or anything else you can think of. Or you could just fill it with the child's favorite treats.

It could be thrown in her backpack to hold things she wants to keep with her but separate from everything else, or she could keep it in her room, or the bathroom.

I thought it would be cute to make a two color pouch, rather than just using one fabric. I used a floral and a stripe on the outside, and a tiny dot print on the inside. All of the fabrics I used were from the Yes, Please line from Riley Blake that I got from a Cricut fabric sampler.

This is a super quick and easy project, even with a zipper. Once you know how to make a zipper pouch you can easily change up the size of the pouch to make it larger or smaller. You could also choose to do a solid piece of fabric for the outside, but I liked the look of the two coordinating prints.

How to Make a Two Color Zipper Pouch

finished size: 8.5" x 6.5"

You will need:

  • 3 coordinating fabrics- fat quarters or 1/4 yard cuts minimum
  • 9" zipper
  • rotary cutter, mat, and ruler
  • sewing machine
  • coordinating thread
  • scissors


(all seam allowances are 1/4")

Determine which fabric you will use in each place.

Fabric A- outside top 
Fabric B- outside bottom
Fabric C- inside lining

Cut the following pieces:

  • Fabric A: 2 - 9" x 4.75"
  • Fabric B: 2- 9" x 2.75"
  • Fabric C: 2- 9" x 7"
Sew fabric a to fabric b along the long side so you have 2 outside pieces the same size as the liner pieces. 

Press and topstitch along the seam you just sewed. 

Place on outside piece right side up, place the zipper zipper side down along the top edge, then place the liner piece wrong side up on top of that. 

Sew along the top edge and flip open.

Repeat with the other side.

Unzip the zipper about 3/4 of the way.

Fold the fabric pieces so that the right sides of the outside are together and the right sides of the lining are together.

Pushing the zipper teeth towards the wrong side, sew all the way around the outside of the rectangle leaving an opening a couple inches long on the bottom of the lining. 

Clip the corners. 

Turn right side out, pulling through the opening in the lining and the open zipper.

Sew the opening closed, and push the lining into the pouch and press. 

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