5 Little Monsters: Platform 9 3/4 Reverse Canvas

Platform 9 3/4 Reverse Canvas

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I couldn't let Harry Potter's birthday go by without sharing a quick Harry Potter project. A Platform 9 3/4 Reverse Canvas.

Harry Potter is probably my geeky fandom of choice. My husband and kids are all into a lot of geeky stuff and although I am familiar on some level with all of the things they are into (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, superheroes, etc.) I don't know them as well, haven't seen all of the movies and maybe know the main storylines but not details. Harry Potter is the one exception to that. I have read all of the books and watched the all of the movies several times each. I know the stories, the characters, and detail as well as anyone in my family.

I was super against the idea of reading the books when they first came out. I did not enjoy books or stories that were fantasy or in any way not realistic. Historical fiction was my genre of choice and I thought these just sounded stupid. Magic, wizards, dragons, and wands, not interested. Then just before my first baby was born I was put on bedrest for a week or two. I was so bored and didn't know what to do with myself. My husband convinced me to give the books a try and I ended up reading through them all really fast and I really enjoyed them. When the 7th book came out 6 months later we had to fight over who was going to get to read it first.

The third book, Prisoner of Azkaban is probably my favorite. Mostly because I felt like that was when I really started to get into the story. However, I think the third movie is a little disappointing, they left out so many things in that I felt were important in the book.

I am very clearly a Ravenclaw, every online test I have ever taken says that I am but anyone who knows me and is familiar with the Hogwarts Houses could probably guess that without me needing to take a test.

This is a super quick and easy project, especially because rather than making a reverse canvas the normal way where you have to remove the canvas from the frame, trim it, prep the frame and canvas, and reattach, I found a ready to go reverse canvas kit at Michaels. Everything was ready to go. The canvas is separate from the frame and cut to size. All you need to do is add whatever you want to your canvas and paint or stain the frame if you want to, then glue or staple the canvas to the back of the frame. You could definitely make this the other way though, with a regular canvas.

How to Make a Platform 9 3/4 Reverse Canvas

You will need:


Paint the frame with black acrylic paint (the one shown in the picture is not the one I actually used, after I took the picture I realized that I had accidentally grabbed metallic black and I wanted just plain black). Set it aside to dry.

Open the design in Design Space  and cut out of black iron on. Don't forget to mirror.

Weed your design.

Press onto the canvas, making sure you center the design so that when you put the frame on it will be in the middle.

Glue, or staple, the canvas to the back of the frame.

Hang up and enjoy.

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