5 Little Monsters: Cricut Be Kind Challenge and Kindness Design Roundup

Cricut Be Kind Challenge and Kindness Design Roundup

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This is a super last minute post, I actually had something else planned for today but decided I wanted to share this instead. This isn't sponsored, I wasn't asked by Cricut to share this but I think it is an important message and I thought it was really cool that they were doing something to help spread it and I wanted to share it some more. I won't get all soapbox-y about it but I think kindness is something that we need so much more of in the world and when I see initiatives that promote that idea I want to share.

If you follow Cricut on Instagram you may have seen their #CricutBeKind Challenge. It is all about making projects to encourage kindness, positivity, and inclusion. As part of this initiative they have a contest that goes until September 30th (part of the reason I decided to post this today, more time for you to enter). They also added a bunch of new Be Kind designs in Design Space that are free through October. You can find all of the detail on their Instagram @officialcricut (look at the #CricutBeKind highlight bubble, the last screen tells how to enter the giveaway). Below are just some of the Be Kind designs available.

One of the designs immediately caught my eye and when I showed it to my daughter she really wanted me to make it for her. It had Be Kind spelled out in American Sign Language. She is Deaf and used ASL as one of her forms of communications so it meant a lot to her. In fact, shortly after I showed it to her I found a picture she had drawn of 6 girls in a line, each one holding up a hand, fingerspelling one letter of the phrase be kind, the first girl signing B, the next E, the next K, and so on.

At the beginning of the year I shared a series of designs that I had created around the theme of Be Kind. I shared them here over the course of a couple of months, but I thought now would be a good time to be a roundup of all of those designs, and the one we made using the Cricut designs. If you choose to participate in this Cricut challenge any of these designs would work great!

Click the pictures or titles below to get the details of each, including the Design Space files.

ASL Be Kind

This shirt is the new one that I just made for my daughter. Unlike the others I am sharing this one is not my own design. We used the Be Kind American Sign Language design in Design Space. I cut it out of Gold Everyday Iron On, and pressed it onto a dark purple sweatshirt using my EasyPress. I surprised my daughter with it when she came home from school and she loved it. It will be perfect for wearing to school.

Be Kind Type Shirt

This was the first design I made and the one that led to a whole series of Be Kind designs. I pictured this design just like this, a simple statement, Be Kind. It's as simple as that. I used Everyday Iron On in White on a baseball tee for this shirt.

This is probably my favorite of the designs I created, it is one of my favorite shirts to wear and I am excited that it is getting cooler and I can start wearing it again. I used Everyday Iron On in Silver on a navy shirt. 

Be Kind Circle

After I made the Script Circle design my husband asked me if I could make a similar design for him, so I made a a version with plainer fonts, one bold, one skinny.

Next is my choose kindness design. I had a hard time getting the colors to show up just right in the pictures but it is a dark red color with gold Everyday Iron On in gold.

Spread a Little Kindness

Spread a little kindness wherever you go! Although it is a little hard to see the differenced in the color here this design uses two colors of Everyday Iron On, Gold and White.

Kindness Matters

I really do believe that kindness matters. It is so important that we treat each other with kindness. This simple design was made with Silver Everyday Iron On

Kindness - Pass it on

This design, Kindness, pass it on, also uses 2 colors of Everyday Iron On. This time Silver and Gold.

Kindness Begins With Me

Last is the Kindness begins with me design. I thought this one was great for young kids so I made it with a child mind. For that reason I chose to combine Pink Everyday Iron On with the Silver. 

Lots and lots of options to make "Be Kind" shirts or other items. Be sure to check out the giveaway on Instagram before the end of the month for a chance to win a fun prize pack. 

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