5 Little Monsters: Craft Night Christmas Crafts

Craft Night Christmas Crafts

Have you ever wanted to put together a Craft Night? This year I really wanted to get together with a group of women, family or friends, and make some Christmas crafts. I thought it would be fun to have some kid-free time to visit with other adults while making some fun projects, so we got all of the women in my family together and I came up with a few projects we could make in an evening together.

As I was thinking of projects we could make that would be good for a craft night and I had a few criteria I was looking for in a project:

1. It needed to be fast. 

We planned our craft night for a Friday evening so I only planned on a couple of hours, and we also had dinner so I wanted projects that would be quick to make. I wanted everyone to be able to finish their projects there, rather than going home with a bunch of stuff that was half done.

2. It needed to be easy.

I wanted projects that would be something anyone could make with a minimal amount of instruction. I didn't want anything that took specific skills that you would already need to know, like crocheting for example. I was looking for projects that would work for pretty much any skill level.

3. It needed to be inexpensive. 

There are a few different ways you could handle the cost of projects. You could set a price for each project and have people pay you for the supplies. You could also give everyone a list of supplies to bring. I chose to just find projects that would be fairly inexpensive and that I had a lot of the supplies for on hand. The materials for the projects was my contribution to the night, while others helped with food. Whichever way you choose to go I think it is nice to keep the costs minimal so I tried to find projects that would not cost a lot to make.

I wanted everyone to leave with more than one finished project and decided 3 was a good number. Everyone would leave with a few things but it wasn't so much that people wouldn't finish or we would be working on it super late. I think it ended up being the perfect number of projects for an event like this.

Our craft night was a lot of fun, I think everyone enjoyed dinner, and visiting while we crafted. I thought I would share not only the projects that we made but a small roundup of a few projects I think would be perfect for craft nights that fit my 3 criteria of being fast, easy, and inexpensive.

First, the three projects we made:

Christmas Reverse Canvas

I wanted to do some kind of a Christmas sign but I didn't want to spend as much as it would have cost to buy a bunch of wood signs and canvases were the perfect inexpensive alternative. I bought big pack that cost $10 for 10 - 8x10 canvases, so basically $1 each. I happened to have plenty of black iron on and paint that I was able to use which helped keep my costs down, but even buying the iron on you could probably make it for around $2 a piece. I chose to precut 3 different designs, I cut a few extras so that if several people wanted one design there would be plenty (I cut 4 of each design for a total of 12 and there were 8 of us there). Because of the dry time we started with this project, took apart the canvases, painted the frames, then set them aside to dry while we did the next project, then came back to it after the frames were dry. I think these were probably the favorite project of the night and they turned out really great.

Handmade Gift Tags

This projects just required a little gluing and stamping so it was really quick and easy. I precut all of the tags on my Cricut and packaged them up in sets of 6, so it was just a matter of choosing which paper you wanted on each and gluing them together, then stamping it.

Embroidered Felt Ornaments

We made these a little simpler than the ones in my blog post, or I guess everyone could make them as simple or as complicated as they wanted. All you need is a couple circles of felt, some embroidery floss and a needle, and a tiny bit of stuffing. Super inexpensive and easy to put together, you may even already have all that you need. 

Vinyl signs are great quick crafts:

Joy Sign

Nativity Countdown to Christmas

Joy Wreath Sign

Believe Sign

Decorated treats or candy containers are quick to make and are great for gifts...

Candy Favor Bags

Christmas Candy Bottles

Cookie Box Snowmen

And a few more quick and easy Christmas crafts..

Felt Gift Tags or Ornaments

Christmas Tree Button Banner

Flannel Hand Warmers

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