5 Little Monsters: How to Use Faux Fur Pom Poms

How to Use Faux Fur Pom Poms

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Faux fur pom poms are one of my favorite ways to finish a crocheted hat. This past week I made several hats and added faux fur pom poms to them. I used a couple different types of pom poms and as I was attaching the different ones I thought it might be a good idea to do a post all about faux fur pom poms, where to buy them, what the different kinds are and how they work, different ways to attach them, etc.

I also made a video with all of this same information that you can watch if you prefer video. 

So first let's talk about where to buy them

I have always gotten my faux fur pom poms on Amazon. I know people who get them from Esty as well, and others who make their own, but I have always used Amazon. I have chosen Amazon because you can find them in a pack of usually around 12 pom poms for a pretty good price. They typically range between $10-$15 for a dozen pom poms so somewhere around $1 a pieces, some are a little less and others a few cents more. The other reason I like to get them from Amazon is they come super fast and shipping is free since there are usually plenty of options that are Prime. 

These are some of the pom poms I have ordered (or as similar as I could find since some are no longer available):

Neutral Colors with an Elastic Loop

Bright Colors with an Elastic Loop

Neutral Colors with a Snap

What different types of Pom Poms are there?

As you can see above I have ordered both pom poms with elastic loops and pom poms with snaps. These are the ways you will attach the pom poms to the hat. They both work well and I will share below a few different ways to attach them, but know which kind you want before ordering. 

The elastic loop pom pom has a tiny elastic loop that you will use to attach the pom pom to the hat. 

The snap version comes with a set pom poms that have a snap on the bottom, as well as a baggie of snaps to sew onto the hat that the pom pom then snaps into. 
In the video I share 3 different ways I have used to attach the pom poms to hats, and which ones I prefer, and I will do the same here.

Option 1: Sew on Elastic Loop

This first option is what I used to do when I first used faux fur pom poms on my hats. I would pull the loop through the top of the hat and use yarn to either sew or tie the pom pom in place. 

This is my least favorite way to attach the pom pom. It is floppy and loose and does not look quite as nice as the other options, plus it is not removable for either washing or wearing. 

Option 2: Elastic Loop with Button

The second way to attach the elastic loop pom is to use a button. This is probably the most versatile way to attach the pom pom because it allows you to remove it and wear the hat with or without the pom pom. 

For this method you will need, in addition to the elastic loop pom pom, a button (I like to use one in the 3/4"-7/8" size), some matching sewing thread, and a sewing needle. 

Sew the button to the inside of the hat, right in the center, then pull the loop through from the outside to the inside (use a crochet hook to pull the loop through to make this easier), and loop it around the button. 

This method holds the pom pom, closer to the top of the hat so it is not as floppy and loose as the sew on method. You can remove the pom pom, and put it back on for either washing, or the option to to wear it without the pom pom.

Option 3: Snap

The last option uses the other type of pom pom, the kind with a snap attachment. This one is the most self explanatory in my opinion. You will sew the snap with the bump side down (so the dip part is facing up for the pom pom snap to click into) onto the outside of your hat where you want the pom pom to be placed. Once it is securely sewing in place snap the pom pom onto the hat. 

This version is removable which is great for washing, but it isn't quite as versatile for wearing since the metal snap shows on the outside of the hat. 

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