5 Little Monsters: Infusible Ink Cosmetic Bags

Infusible Ink Cosmetic Bags

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Cricut recently came out with some new Infusible Ink blanks, products that are specifically made to work well with Infusible Ink. The new blanks include Pillow Covers (in both white and cream), Wine Bags, Toddler Shirts, and Cosmetic Bags. 

I am not a big makeup person but I do love little zipper bags for all sorts of things. Cricut sent me a couple packages of cosmetic bags to make this project. Each package includes 3 bags, 1 large and 2 smaller bags. I used the smaller size which is about 9"x 6". 

Last week I shared a Harry Potter design and one of the samples that I made was a cosmetic bag, the larger size. That design was one that I drew and uploaded into Design Space. This time I chose to use some designs that were already available through Design Space, free if you have Cricut Access. There were several cute designs, most makeup related. I chose some that were a little less makeup specific because I wanted the option to use the bags for other things if I wanted, pencils, art supplies, crochet hooks, etc. 

Each bag was made with a different type of transfer sheet. The stars used the Rainbow Triangle print. I really liked this one, the design was fairly subtle but the way the rainbow changes colors colors diagonally across the stars is a lot of fun. I am also always amazed at how dull the colors look on the transfer sheet, and how bright and vibrant they are after pressing. 

Hello Gorgeous was made with a mermaid print from the Sparkle Mermaid pack. 

The doodle design used a comic dot print from the Comic Rainbow pack. To be honest I didn't love this print with this design, I have used a similar print on a superhero design that had thicker lines and I really liked it. I think the design was too thin to work as well as I would have like with this particular print. If I were to do it again I would choose a different transfer sheet for this one, maybe something a little more solid. 

And last but not least is the Be-You-tiful design. For this one I used a brushed purple from the Brushed Sunset pack

How to Make Infusible Ink Cosmetic Bags

You will need:


First you will want to choose your designs and then size them to fit on your bags. The designs I used were from the Wake Up & Makeup collection in Design Space. 

Cut the image out of an Infusible Ink transfer sheet. Don't forget to mirror especially if there are words in the design. 

Weed the design. 

Press the design onto the bag by first using a lint roller to clean the bag, then place a piece of white cardstock inside of the bag. Place the design colored side down on the bag, then place butcher paper on top. Press for 60 sec at 385 degrees. Carefully remove your EasyPress and peel off the transfer sheet to reveal your finished design. 

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