5 Little Monsters: Tie-Dye Baby Onesies

Tie-Dye Baby Onesies

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 A couple of weeks ago when we tie-dyed masks I had some dye left in the bottles and didn't want it to go to waste so I looked around to see what else I had that I could tie-dye. I happened to have a package of white onesies that I had picked up one time when they were on clearance for really cheap. I thought they would be good to have on hand for iron on projects, and had used a few for that, but I figured they would be fun to dye as well.

My girls really enjoyed helping me with the dying, and now we have plans to make shirts for them as well. My 8 year old is obsessed with babies and loved making the onesies, she was immediately planning who she knew with babies that she could give them to. Unfortunately, most of the babies she had in mind were too big for the onesies we had, but it was still cute to see her get excited about what she was making. 

tie dying baby onesie

One of the best parts about tie-dying is the reveal. You add the dye not knowing exactly how it will turn out and hoping it looks good, then you unwrap it, rinse it, and wash it and finally see the finished product and it is really fun to see how it looks in the end. 

I wanted to make designs that used only one or two colors, I didn't want it to be super busy, and I chose a couple of my favorite tie-dye techniques to use. 

The pink and teal onesies are made using the same folding technique. They are folded/crumpled from side to side with rubber bands added every couple inches from top to bottom. The teal one is made with a single color. The pink used two colors, I added pink dye in the space between the bands with fuchsia added right along either side of the rubber bands. 

For the blue onesie I used the crumple technique. This is one of my favorites, I think because it is so random that you really have no idea how it will look when it is done. It is a complete surprise when you unwrap and rinse. To make this one we crumpled it up and added rubber bands randomly around it to hold it together. Then we covered it in blue and teal dye until it was pretty well saturated. This one the teal dye was a little more watered down then it was for the teal onesie so it came out a little less intense of a color, but still pretty cool looking. 

I think the onesies turned out looking pretty fun. Something cute for baby to wear on a hot summer day, and way more fun than the plain white that they started out as. But, you don't have to stop there. We took it a step further and added some fun iron on designs that I will share soon. Either way though, just tie-dyed, or with decals added they turned out really cute. 

How to Tie-Dye Baby Onesies

You will need:


Mix up your dyes according to package instructions, for the kit I used you dump the dye powder into the bottle and fill with water to the fill like, then shake to mix. 

Dampen the onesies you plan on dying. 

Fold in the desired manner, you can find several folding/rubber banding ideas in my tie dye mask post. For the pink and teal I folded from side to side and added several rubber bands down the length of the onesie. For the blue I crumpled it and added rubber bands around to hold it in place. 

Once you have your onesie rubber banded you are ready to add the dye. Squirt the dye onto the onesie focusing on the areas in between the rubber bands, The more you saturate the fabric the less white spots you will have in your finished onesie.

Wrap the onesie in plastic wrap and let set for 6-8 hours (or follow the directions of the dye you use).

After 6-8 hours have passed unwrap the onesies and rinse with cold water until the water runs clear. 

Wash with hot water, alone so they don't dye other clothes, and dry to set the colors. 

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