5 Little Monsters: Baptism Face Masks

Baptism Face Masks

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 My family and I are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and in our church, for those who are not familiar, children are baptized at 8 years old. One of my girls is turning 8 next month and is excitedly preparing for her baptism. 

With the current situation her baptism will look a little different than pre-pandemic baptisms. They same restrictions we have everywhere, masks, social distancing, and small groups will apply here as well. When my mom found a pack of white child size masks for cheap she asked me if I wanted her to pick them up for Maren to wear to her baptism, not that a white mask is absolutely necessary but she will be wearing white so it will go nicely. We have always bought our girls a pretty, new, white dress to wear for their baptism day, and it was one of the things Maren was very excited about after seeing her older sisters get their white dresses. 

With a pretty white dress I thought it would be fun to do something to make the masks a little bit more special too. Because I wanted to keep them white I didn't really want to add color to the masks so instead I chose a white glitter iron on. I thought it would add a very subtle design, while still keeping the simplicity of the white. 

There were 5 masks in the pack I got so I made 5 different designs that I thought related in some way to a child's baptism day. A temple, a number 8, a rainbow (for the song I Like to Look for Rainbows), one that says I am a Child of God, and last one that says It's great to be 8.

They probably turned out a little more subtle than I was envisioning, and it was not easy to get good pictures of the white on white designs, but Maren loved them and that was the most important thing. 

How to Make Baptism Face Masks

You will need:


Cut the images out of white glitter iron on. Don't forget to mirror.

Weed the designs. 

Press the designs on the masks. 

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