5 Little Monsters: Valentine Reverse Canvas

Valentine Reverse Canvas

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Valentines Day is just around the corner, but if you are still looking for a super quick Valentine project to make this one is great. Reverse canvases are easy and inexpensive to make and you can make them with any design you want. 

I have made a few different reverse canvas projects in the time that I have had this blog and they are a really fun project to make. Since I have made quite a few I decided to make a video showing the process of how I make them. 

Some of the other Reverse Canvas projects I have made are:

How to Make a Valentine Reverse Canvas

You will need:


Begin by removing the canvas from the wooden frame that it is wrapped around. You can use a craft knife to cut it off, or carefully pull it up and use scissors to cut the canvas away from the staples. 

Trim the canvas to the size of the outside of the frame.

Paint the frame one side at a time and immediately wipe the paint off with a wet wipe to give the paint a more stained look. Set aside to dry while you finish the rest of the canvas.

Open up the Valentine Reverse Canvas Design Space file or your own design. 

Resize as needed to fit the inside of the frame. 

Cut out of iron on. Don't forget to mirror. Weed.

Center the design in the canvas and press in place. Press the letters, then let cool and peel up transfer sheet, place the pink heart and replace the transfer sheet to protect the letters, and press. Let cool and peel off all transfer sheets. 

Place the frame on top of the canvas and make sure the design is centered. Trim any canvas that hangs over the edge and glue in place, be sure to stretch tightly in so it doesn't sag in the middle. 

I like to use the velcro type command strips to hang them up if I want to put them on the wall since the back is flat. 

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