5 Little Monsters: Faux Etched Jars with Frosted Vinyl

Faux Etched Jars with Frosted Vinyl

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I have had this project on my mind for a long time, pretty much from the first time I saw that Cricut had a frosted vinyl option. I thought it would be the perfect thing to use on glass items for an easy faux etched glass look. 

You could use this vinyl on any glass items to achieve the etched look, but I chose an assortment of little glass bottles and jars that I could fill with candy. I think they would be cute as little gifts or favors for any holiday or event. It would also be nice for a subtle label on storage jars for craft supplies, pantry, or bathroom storage. 

I cut out a few different designs just to give some different example of what you could make, but you use any design you want. On the milk bottle I chose to do a design that wrapped around the entire bottle, a bunch of hearts of different sizes. 

On the two smaller jars I did a small image on just one side of the jar, flowers on one and a rainbow on the other. I thought a rainbow would be fun for St. Patrick's Day coming up, or maybe a rainbow baby baby shower. And flowers would work for pretty much anything, a thank you, a birthday, whatever, baby shower favor, or whatever else you want. 

I used 2 different colors of frosted vinyl, of the 3 Cricut has, glitter and opaque. I used the glitter for the hearts on the milk bottle, and the opaque on the 2 small jars. I liked the look of the opaque better than the glitter, it gave a smoother look more like an etching. The glitter made it look almost like there were little bubbles in the vinyl, like it wasn't put down smoothly.

How to Make Faux Etched Jars with Frosted Vinyl

You will need:


First you will need to create your design. For the hearts all around the milk bottle I started by measuring around the bottle and how tall I wanted it to be. I made a rectangle that size, then filled that space with hearts, then removed the rectangle. I welded them to make it a single image, then I was left with a rectangle shape of hearts perfectly sized to fit around the bottle. For the other two I just found an image I liked in Design Space and sized it to fit the jars. 

Cut the designs out of the frosted vinyl and weed. There is a custom setting for frosted vinyl, either glitter or opaque. 

For the designs with multiple pieces I used transfer tape to place the designs on the jars. For the flower design, since it was just one piece I just peeled it up like a sticker and placed it on the jar. 

Then I filled my jars with candy and was done. 

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