5 Little Monsters: Infusible Ink USA Coasters

Infusible Ink USA Coasters

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Today I am once again joining Team Creative Crafts to share some fun craft projects along with several other craft bloggers. The theme of this Creative Crafts round is Patriotic Crafts.

I will be honest, when I saw patriotic crafts for the theme I immediately thought 4th of July, and then thought "it is barely May, I'm not ready to think about July yet". Not that you can only be patriotic in July, it is just the time I most associate with patriotic crafts and decor. But, we do have Memorial Day coming up, then Flag Day in June, and then July will be here before we know it. 

As I was coming up with ideas for this theme I was looking at images available in Cricut Design Space and really loved a couple of USA images that I found there. They were floral designs that made the shape of the United States. They had a bunch of different US images that were a similar size and style, which gave me the idea to pick a few different designs and make a set of patriotic coasters. 

It was a bit of a fail at first because I wanted to use Infusible Ink. I had a couple packs of coasters already and some Infusible Ink so I didn't need to buy anything. I chose 4 designs and cut them out and the 2 floral ones that I really wanted to use were too detailed to cut out that tiny. It was so hard to weed the tiny pieces. It may have worked with iron on or vinyl instead of Infusible Ink, since they are thinner materials. But as stiff and thick as Infusible Ink transfer sheets are it was kind a disaster. I had to choose a couple less detailed options instead, which was a little bit of a disappointment because it wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but I was still happy with the final outcome.  

I decided to go a little off of the traditional red, white, and blue pallete for this project, It is still red and blue, but with some yellow mixed in. I had a pack of Infusible Ink, the wildflower pattern pack, that had a navy blue solid, a red on red floral, and then a golden yellow solid, and a yellow floral with red, white, and blue flowers on it. I thought the colors had patriotic feel, even though they weren't quite the traditional combination. 

They have similar designs in states too, so if you wanted to make something similar, but for you state instead there is that option. 

How to Make Infusible Ink USA Coasters

You will need:

  • Cricut Machine
  • Infusible Ink transfer Sheets in Wildflowers
  • Infusible Ink Compatible Coasters (I used the square version)
  • EasyPress 2 
  • EasyPress Mat
  • Cardstock and Butcher Paper for pressing 

  • Instructions:

    Find the designs you want to use in Design Space or open my USA Coasters file for the 4 designs I used. All of the Designs I used were from the image set United States of America.

    If you have chosen your own designs you will need to resize them to fit your coasters. The square coasters are 3.75" square so I sized my designs to 3.25" wide so they fit. 

    Cut the designs out of your Infusible Ink transfer sheets. Don't forget to mirror. 

    Weed the cut images. 

    Press onto the coasters following the instructions in the Cricut Heat Guide. For the square coasters you will press at 400 degrees for 60 seconds, layering cardstock, the coaster, the cut out design, then butcher paper. 

    Be sure to check out all of the other Patriotic Crafts shared today and tomorrow as part of the Creative Crafts: Patriotic Edition. 

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