5 Little Monsters: Star Wars Infusible Ink Projects

Star Wars Infusible Ink Projects

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To celebrate Star Wars Day I thought it would be fun to make some Star Wars projects with my Cricut. I wanted to use Infusible Ink transfer sheets because I love to combine the galaxy prints with  Star Wars designs. 

There are a lot of big Star Wars fans in my family so a few years ago when they started adding Star Wars designs to Design Space I was pretty excited. Occasionally new designs are added, like a couple of years ago they added Mandalorian designs. 

Most of the Star Wars designs cost $1.99.  Like all of the designs that you can purchase in Design Space they are a one time cost. Once you pay for it it is yours to use as many times as you want. And even though these designs are not included in Cricut Access you do get a discount on your purchase if you have a subscription, which is nice. 

I picked up a couple of high percentage polyester shirts at Walmart, little girls sizes for my daughters, and I already had a Cricut mug left from other projects. I pulled out my Infusible Ink and found that I was actually running low on galaxy prints. I think those are some of my favorite transfer sheets to use so I have used up most of what I had. I had chosen light colored shirts so I when I saw that the only sheets I had left that were big enough for the Leia design were pink and had lighter sections I wasn't sure how well they would work on the colored shirts. Infusible Ink is kind of funny because looking at the transfer sheet I was so worried it would be too light, but the actually colors are so much more vivid and bright that it ended up showing up just fine. I was really happy with how it turned out.

I used the mug press to make the mug and just cut out a Mandalorian design to put on each side (the other side looks exactly the same). 

These were all super quick projects that I know my family will love, because let's face it, pretty much every day is Star Wars Day around here. 

How to Make Star Wars Infusible Ink Projects

You will need:

  • Cricut Machine
  • Infusible Ink transfer Sheets in galaxy prints
  • Sublimation Mugs
  • Infusible Ink Compatible Shirts or other high polyester shirts
  • EasyPress 2 for shirts
  • Cricut Mug Press for mugs
  • EasyPress Mat
  • Lint Roller
  • Cardstock and Butcher Paper for pressing 


Find the Star Wars Designs you want to use in Design Space. I just typed Star Wars in the search bar to find the designs I used. I chose :

Gray Shirt- Star Wars Iron - On #MA4ECA41

Pink Shirt- Leia Iron-On #MA4ECA2B

Mug- Mandalorian United Front #M1396467C

Once you have chosen your designs resize them to fit your blanks. 

Cut them out of your Infusible Ink transfer sheets. Don't forget to mirror your designs. 

Weed the cut images. 

Press onto the desired blank following instructions in the Cricut Heat Guide for the materials you are using.


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