5 Little Monsters: Vinyl Pantry Labels

Vinyl Pantry Labels

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This week Cricut announced a new feature in Design Space, Kerning! If you are unfamiliar with what kerning is it is the process of adjusting the spacing in between letters as you type so that it looks nice. If you have tried using fonts in Design Space in the past, especially script fonts, you know that the letters were always spaced weird and needed a lot of adjusting to make them look right, which could sometimes be a little frustrating and time consuming. 

So, needless to say when I heard the announcement I was pretty excited and wanted to do something to try it out and see how it worked. I decided to make some labels for some buckets in my kitchen. I don't have a large pantry so I decided to get some bins that I could stick up on top of my pantry cabinets to put kids snacks and lunch stuff in. Especially with summer coming I want my kids to be able to access lunch stuff and snacks so they can help make their own lunches. But at the same time not have too easy access so that they are getting into it all the time, otherwise it will be gone it so fast. 

Bins up high seemed to be the best solution for our space, so I picked up a few plastic bins at Walmart and filled them up and put them on the cupboard. Ever since I got them I wanted to make some labels to put on them, but it was just one of those things that wasn't a priority so I hadn't gotten around to doing it. 

When I tried to think of a quick project with text that I could make to give the new kerning feature a try this was the first thing I thought of, so I figured it was time to get it done. It was so quick and easy to do. 

You will need Design Space to be updated to version 6.9.163. If you haven't updated you won't see it. When you add a text box, click on the font and it will bring up all of the different fonts that are available. There is a little box that you can check that says "Only Kerned Fonts" and it will filter the fonts so that it only shows you only the fonts that will be automatically adjusted (not all fonts have kerning and I don't know for sure if that will always be the case or if they will continue to add more over time). 

I wanted a hand-lettered looking script font, so I clicked on the box to filter the kerned fonts and then I scrolled through to find one I liked. With Cricut Access you get access to hundreds of fonts for free as part of your subscription as well as over 100,000 images and other perks, so I chose one of the fonts included with Access. I went with DTC Sahara Smooth. 

Next I cut them out, that's it. They were all ready to go. No moving the space in between each letter and trying to make it look just right. It was so quick and easy. 

I used transfer tape to apply the labels to my bins and my new lunch and snack bins are all ready for kids to be home this summer!

How to Make Vinyl Pantry Labels

You will need:


Open Design Space and start a new project. Click on text and select the font you want to use, to use kerned fonts click on the box to check only kerned fonts. I used DTC Sahara Smooth (included free with Cricut Access).

Type out the words you want on your labels. 

Resize them to fit your bins. 

Cut out of adhesive vinyl and weed.

Use transfer tape to transfer the labels onto you bins. 

Fill up and add to your pantry space.

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