5 Little Monsters: Hello Summer Circle Sign

Hello Summer Circle Sign

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I can't believe that summer is almost here. My kids only have a couple of weeks of school left before they are out for summer vacation. So with spring holidays over and summer just around the corner I have been trying to switch my crafting focus to summer crafts. 

A week or two ago I happened to be at Micheals, I was looking for something specific and they didn't have it, but they had a bunch of their summer craft stuff displayed up front. They had a section that was different wooden signs, signs that were more than just plain wood, they had wood and metal, or wood and leather, or glass, or even neon type lights on them. I thought they would be kind of cool to use for making some signs and decor so I grabbed a couple of them. 

One of them that I decided on was a wooden circle sign wrapped with a black metal strip. I immediately thought of the wooden circle door signs that you see everywhere now and thought it would be a cool twist on that. 

I knew right away that I wanted to come up with a design that was summer themed, something to hang up on my door now that I finally took my Easter Bunny wreath down. I wanted to use a combination of paint and vinyl to create the sign, I really wanted to do kind of a color block thing with part of the sign painted and part of it with the wood left plain. 

I played around in Cricut Design Space and came up with a few different variations before deciding on the version that I made. I kind of wanted to represent the sun over the water with the yellow and blue painted portions, then added the words in vinyl. It was a quick project, minus drying time for the paint, and now I have something to hang on my door for summer. 

How to Make Hello Summer Circle Sign

You will need:


To start you will want to open my Hello Summer Circle Sign Design Space file

I sized the design to fit a 16" circle. If you are using a different size plaque you will need to adjust the size to fit your plaque. 

Figure out where you want to paint your blue section, I did it a little below the halfway point on my sign. There happened to be a line in the wood there so I just followed that. It was about 7" from the bottom. Paint that blue and let dry.

Next cut the semicircle sun shape out of cardstock. 

Place on the flat edge at the top of the blue line and lightly trace the shape lightly with pencil. Paint that area with yellow paint and let dry completely (make sure it is completely dry or the vinyl will not stick well).

Cut the words out of vinyl. The word summer is a little too long for a 12" mat so you will need to cut it on a 24" mat, or use smart vinyl with a compatible machine. 

Weed the words and place transfer tape on top of the vinyl words. 

Use the transfer tape to apply the words to the sign. 

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