5 Little Monsters: Peace, Love , Summer T-Shirt

Peace, Love , Summer T-Shirt

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Every year when the kids get out of school I think I have a great plan for how to transition to having them home all day, while keeping a good routine, and continuing to stay on track with my blog, and every year it doesn't really work out that way. This summer has started off crazy and sometimes when that happens my blog work is the first thing to get set aside. 

I feel like I have hardly even had time to work on craft projects over the last couple of weeks, let alone actually get anything posted, which I really hate. I find making stuff to be almost therapeutic for me, especially when life gets super busy, so I don't like it when weeks go by without working on projects. 

When that happens I like to find a really quick and easy project that I can make, something that I can find time to do, even when I don't have a lot of time. So, when I was walking through Walmart and saw a rack of little girls shirts on clearance, I bought one thinking it would be the perfect quick project to make for my daughter. She would get a new shirt and I would be able to make a quick project so it was a win win.

I wanted to make a summer shirt design, since we are officially in summer now, and my daughter is all about summer, being outside in the sun, going to the pool, all that stuff. 

A couple of months ago I made a Ukraine shirt for one of my other daughters using a design from Cricut Design Space that said Peace, Love, Ukraine. I was inspired by that idea to make this shirt design that says  Peace, Love, Summer. I made each of the symbols in a different bright color to add a little color to the design. 

It was a really simple design and easy to make, but it turned out pretty fun. When my daughter saw it she excitedly said she loved it, which really is the best reaction I could ask for to something I made for someone. A new summer shirt, a few minutes of cutting with my Cricut, followed by a quick press, this was the perfect project to get me back to crafting this summer. 

How to Make a Peace, Love, Summer T-Shirt

You will need:


Resize the design to fit your shirt. 

Cut the design out of iron on, be sure to mirror all of the images and place the iron on on the mat shiny side down. 

Weed each of the designs.

Place the cut out designs on the shirt. You can either press them one at a time, or trim closely enough to be sure that there is no overlap between the plastic transfer sheets and the designs.

Press for 30 seconds at 315 degrees, then flip over and press for 15 seconds more on the back. Or follow the instructions for the press and iron on you are using. 

Let cool and peel off the transfer sheets. 

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