5 Little Monsters: Heart Potholders

Heart Potholders

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With less than 2 weeks to Christmas I have been trying to come up with some quick projects that could be used as Christmas gifts, and that is how today's post came to be. These heart shaped potholders are quick to make, and also would make a good gift for any bakers in your life. 

When I got married there was a little old lady that lived in my parents neighborhood who would make a set of heart shaped potholders as a wedding gift for everyone who got married. We had a red plaid set and I loved them and used them all the time until I accidentally burned a hole in one. I have wanted to recreate them for a long time so I ordered some fun Christmas fabric and decided it was time to finally do it. 

I got a Merry Kitchmas fat quarter bundle from Missouri Star Quilt Company, and I thought the vintage inspired Christmas prints would be perfect for this project. 

The great thing about something like a pot holder is it is a pretty quick, small project. That means it is perfect for times like right now when we are coming up on Christmas and you may need a last minute gift. 

It is also great for any time of the year, the only thing that makes these ones Christmasy is the fabric that I chose to use. Like I said, the original heart shaped potholders that these were inspired by were a wedding gift I got almost 18 years ago. They would be fun for Valentine's Day too!

How to Make Heart Potholders

You will need:


Print the PDF Pattern

Cut out the following pieces:

  • Cut out 2 of the heart shape on the fold
  • Cut 1 of the heart shape out of insulated batting
  • Cut 1 of the heart shape out of cotton batting
  • Cut 4 of the pocket piece out of fabric, 2 of them should mirror the other 2
  • Cut 2 of the pocket piece out of cotton batting

Layer the pocket pieces, placing one piece face down, then the cotton batting, then the other fabric piece face up sandwiching the batting between the pieces of fabric, pin together.

Sew the bias tape along the straight edge enclosing the edge in the bias tape.

Repeat with the other pocket piece.

Now layer the potholder by first placing the two layer of batting, one cotton and one insulated, down on top of each other. Next place one of the hearts right side up on top of the batting. Then place the two pocket pieces on the heart, lining up the curved edges. Last place the other heart on top of the stack face down. Pin together.

Sew around the outside of the heart, leaving a small opening for turning. 

Clip curves and turn right side out.

Stitch the opening closed.

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