5 Little Monsters: Top 20 Posts of 2023

Top 20 Posts of 2023

At the end of each year I like to look back at the top posts of the year, to see what did well, and also to look back and remember the things I have made throughout the year. I started out doing the top whatever the last 2 numbers in the year, like the top 16 of 2016, but I decided to cap it at 20. So the past few years, since 2020, I have done a top 20. These are my most popular posts that were new posts shared this year, so if an old post from a few years ago does really well that is awesome, but it is not included in this list. Also, I only included actual project/pattern posts so things like crochet along announcement/landing pages are not included in the list. 

One of the highlights of this year was my Mini Amigurumi Crochet Alongs. There were 4 throughout the year, each one with 12 patterns for a total of 48 mini amigurumi patterns this year. That is nearly half of the new projects I posted this year! Since there were so many I was not surprised to see that most of the top 20 patterns are from those crochet alongs. Did your favorite new 5 Little Monsters pattern make the list?

Counting Down the Top 20 Posts of 2023

20- Snowbound Hat 

Coming in at number 20 is the Snowbound Hat. This hat is a very simple hat with a contrasting brim made with super bulky yarn. It works up quick and makes a nice, warm hat. 

19- Little Donkey 

The first of the mini amigurumi to make the list (or last depending on how you look at it) is the Little Donkey from the Spring- Farm Animal Crochet Along. The Little Donkey made number 19. 

18- Little Dog 

Next on the list, at number 18, is the Little Dog. This mini amigurumi also comes from the Spring- Farm Animal Crochet Along. This was the first crochet along of the year, and you will see the donkey and the dog are definitely not the only from that collection to make the top 20 list. 

17- Little Lop Bunny  

Number 17 is the Little Lop Bunny from the Woodland Christmas Crochet Along. The Christmas Crochet Along was the most recent and I think because these patterns have not been up as long this is the only one from that crochet along to make the top 20 list, although some of the others came really close. 

16- Bald Eagle 

Coming in at number 16 is another mini amigurumi, this time from the Summer Crochet Along. The little Bald Eagle was one of the 12 mini amigurumi included in that camping themed crochet along. 

15- Little Chicken

Another of the farm animals from the Spring Crochet Along comes in at number 15, this time the Little Chicken. 

14- Mini Mummy 

Number 14 is the first of Halloween Crochet Along to make the list. The Mini Mummy, wrapped in its little bandages, was the Day 4 design from the Halloween Crochet Along this fall. 

13- Little Duck 

Little Duck is another mini amigurumi from the Farm Animal Crochet Along to make the list. The Little Duck was the second of the 12 designs from the spring crochet along. 

12- Little Cat 

Coming in at number 12 is another farm animal, this time the Little Cat. The little barn cat was the day 4 pattern from the Spring Crochet Along. 

11- Little Lamb 

The 6th farm animal on the list, number 11 over all, is the Little Lamb. The Little Lamb is covered in tiny booble stitches to give it the bumpy, wooly, texture.   

10- Harmony Hat

The number 10 most popular pattern this year is not a mini amigurumi! It is actually the second hat on the list, and one of only a few that is not from the crochet alongs. The Harmony Hat uses a combination of a few different stitches to give it its unique texture. 

9-  Embroidered Felt Corner Bookmark

The ninth post on the list is the only non-crochet design that made the list. The Embroidered Felt Bookmark was shared as part of a craft collaboration I participated in that challenged us to make a craft with felt. These little bookmarks were quick and easy to make, and they are so pretty with the little embroidered flowers. 

8-  Little Pig

Number 8 is once again another mini amigurumi from the Farm Animal Crochet Along this spring, and it isn't the last one that will make the list! The Little Pig was the first design in that crochet along. 

7- Tiny Black Bear  

Coming in at number 7 is another design from the Summer Crochet Along, the first design in that camping themed series, the Tiny Black Bear.  

6- Cozy Campfire

Like number 7, number 6 is from the Camping Crochet Along this summer. The Cozy Campfire is one of my favorite designs from that series. 

5- Pint Size Pumpkin

Now to the Top 5 posts of the year, coming in at number 5 is another little amigurumi from the Halloween Crochet Along. The Pint Size Pumpkin was the first amigurumi in that set. 

4- Little Horse 

The 4th most popular post this year was the Little Horse, another of the Farm Mini Amigurumi Crochet Along.  

3- Little Cow 

Number 3 is another from the Farm Animal Crochet Along, this time the little cow from day 3 of the crochet along this spring.  

2- Gleeful Ghost 

Now to number 2, the second most popular post of the year was another Halloween Mini Amigurumi. The Gleeful Ghost was the first in the Halloween themed crochet along this fall. 

1- Little Goat

And finally in the number 1 spot, the most popular new pattern released this year is, not surprisingly another of the farm animals, the Little Goat. This was the final pattern of the Spring Crochet Along, but I do think it turned out awfully cute with its little spotted body and tiny horns. Out of the 12 patterns in the Spring Farm Animal Crochet Along 10 of them made the top 20 list, half of the list was from that crochet along! And the only two that didn't make the list, the turkey and the bunny, just barely didn't make the list. 

With all of the Mini Amigurumi that made the list I am excited to say that I am planning on doing another 4 crochet alongs this year. I have lots of ideas and am having a hard time choosing so I am going to have you help pick the themes for the next couple of crochet alongs. I will share the themes to choose from for the spring crochet along soon on my social media. Follow along on Facebook and/or Instagram to help pick your favorite theme!


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