5 Little Monsters: Joy to the World Ornament Sign

Joy to the World Ornament Sign

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A few weeks ago I was at Michael's picking up some supplies I needed for a project and I was browsing through the Christmas craft stuff, not really intending to buy anything, but I saw these chunky unfinished wood Christmas shapes that they had, and I thought they would make cute Christmas decor with a little bit of paint and vinyl, plus they happened to be on sale so I picked one up. 

They had several different shapes available, I think there was a tree, a snowman, a snowflake, and probably a few others that I am forgetting, but I chose this little ornament. 

My vision for it when I bought it was to paint it and then add some words to it using vinyl, some kind of Christmasy phrase, but it took me a while to decided what phrase I wanted to use. There were so many to choose from, but ultimately I decided on Joy to the World. You could do any phrase you want, I think I would have changed it up if I had used a different shape, like maybe Let it Snow or Winter Wonderland on the snowflake or the snowman, or Oh Christmas Tree or Deck the Halls on the tree. 

It was a quick project to make, and I feel like I have been doing a lot of crocheting lately so it was kind of nice to switch it up a little and do something else, something that takes a lot less counting and focus. The hardest part was jus waiting for the paint to dry!

How to Make a Joy to the World Ornament Sign

You will need:


Paint the ornament in the color you want. I used the Matte Red to paint the ornament, and the Matte Gray to paint the topper. Then when it was dry I painted the top piece of the topper in Metallic Silver (Platinum).

Set the sign aside to dry while you cut out your vinyl.

To use the same design that I did open the Joy to the World Ornament design in Design Space
To use a different design choose or create the design that you want, making sure that it fits on the ornament. 

Cut the design out of vinyl and weed.

Use transfer tape to transfer the vinyl design onto the ornament. 

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  1. Hi and Merry Christmas!! I have been following you r crochet a longs and am very happy with how all the patterns are written and I may not get to make them until later in the year but will hopefully have them made by next Christmas!!! I am 73 yrs young but I have a husband who is not well so I don't always get to my crocheting .....I have many projects in the works!! But I want you to Know that being able to follow your posts , get your emails , & to get these patterns has been calming and a comfort to my soul! May God Bless you and the many others who are so creative and willing to share you awesome talents!! Ginger