5 Little Monsters: Notebook Themed Printable Valentines

Notebook Themed Printable Valentines

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I have one last printable Valentine set to share before Valentine's Day, joining the car themed set and the dinosaur themed set. This time the item that inspired the cards was a little set of Valentine notebooks.

Just like the last two sets, this set came about starting with a stroll through the Valentine aisle at Walmart. I went looking for some small non-candy/food items that I could pair with a set of Valentine cards and one of the things I found was a little set of notebooks. I thought they would make a fun and useful little gift, especially for older elementary age kids.  

I always try to find items that are fairly inexpensive because I want something that is not too crazy expensive to do for a whole class of 25 or 30 kids. My goal has always been to keep it under $1 per item, but the cheaper the better. The notebooks are the most expensive of the 3 items I used this year, but still well under the $1 mark. The set of 6 notebooks was about $3 making each notebook around 5o cents. 

There are a lot of different notebook options you can find in a similar price range, or even cheaper. Some are valentines themed with pinks and reds and hearts, fun animal shaped notebooks, and others are just plain colors. You could also switch out the notebooks for pens or pencils and the sayings on the cards will still work, and you can find those for really inexpensive. I even found a few sets online that had both pens and notebooks

I used washi tape to attach the cards to the notebooks. The washi tape works really well because it is sticky enough to attach the cards, but it will peel off easily without ripping the covers of the notebooks. If I were using pens or pencils instead I would probably  punch a whole and tie the pen/pencil to the card. 

Just like with the cars and the dinosaurs I made 3 different designs, 6 cards per page, 2 of each design. The cards say "You're just WRITE", "Your friendship is NOTE-WORTHY", and "TAKE NOTE! I think you're great". 

How to Use Notebook Themed Printable Valentine Cards

You will need:


Print as many copies of the PDF as you need, each page will have 6 cards- 2 each of 3 different designs. 

Cut the cards out, I used the paper cutter and cut them apart. It is a little tricky to see where these ones separate but there is a little shift/space in the blue lines and the pink line. 

Use washi tape to tape the valentines to the front of the notebooks, or alternatively you could put the notebooks in cellophane bags and tie the valentine on like a gift tag. 

Credit: pencil graphics used made by Digital Art Paint

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