5 Little Monsters: Contrast Faux Pocket T-Shirts

Contrast Faux Pocket T-Shirts

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I really love all of the vinyl and iron on choices that you can find now. One of my favorites is patterned vinyl and iron on, the patterns can be so cute and fun, but sometimes I have a hard time knowing how to use it best. The bigger the pattern the harder it is for me to figure out what project to use it in because I want to make sure you can see that pattern, while also not distracting from the design that I cut out.

This super simple project is a great way to use all of the cute patterned iron on.

 All I did is take a plain, solid colored t-shirt and added a pocket shaped piece of iron on to the chest where a pocket would be. It adds a fun element to an otherwise plain shirt and was so easy.

I thought this was the perfect project for patterned iron on because it is a solid shape, no thin lines or small pieces. You can clearly see the patterns.

When you pick t-shirt and iron on combinations be sure to pick patterns that have high contrast so that they stand out well against the shirt fabric.

It is a simple enough shape that you could even make it without a cutting machine, just using a pair of scissors. I cut mine out on my Cricut Maker and will share the file I used in the instructions. But it would be easy to replicate on any cutting machine, or even without. If you wanted to make it even easier you could just do a simple square or rectangle, without the point on the bottom.

They turned out pretty cute and only took a couple minutes to make. This would also be a fun way to use up scraps of glitter or holographic iron on.

How to Make Contrast Faux Pocket T-Shirts

You will need:


Cut out your iron on using your Cricut, other cutting machine, or scissors. This is the Design Space File I used to cut mine out. I cut the toddler size 2.5" wide, and the older child/small adult size 3.5" but you can adjust the size as needed. 

Press the pocket onto the chest of the shirt where a pocket would normally be placed. 

Peel off the plastic. 

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