5 Little Monsters: Photo Pen Caddy

Photo Pen Caddy

-Product for this post provided by HP. All ideas and opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.-

A couple months ago HP sent me a fun little package that included an HP Sprocket Printer that instantly prints little 2" x 3" photos from your smartphone. They also sent me a pen caddy with slots to add photos printed with the Sprocket. 

I thought it would make a perfect gift for Father's Day, filled with pictures of kids. Or really it would make a great gift for anyone who has an office or desk space, at work or at home, dad, grandpa, mom, or anyone else. It worked out perfectly for our family because it happened to have 6 slots and we have 6 kids.

The printer uses special photo paper that doesn't use ink. To get started you need to put the Sprocket app on your smartphone. Once you have that all set up you add the photo paper into the printer and tell it which photos you want to print. 

My kids loved seeing the little photos come out of the printer. They wanted me to print all sorts of photos for them. And they were even more excited when they found out that the photo paper is also a sticker, but for the pen caddy I left the backing on the pictures.

Overall it was a super quick and easy project that the kids could help with a little bit, which I think is perfect for a Father's Day gift.

 Then you add in the fact that it is completely personalized and it is even better. What dad doesn't want to see his kids' cute faces on his desk everyday.

How to Make a Photo Pen Caddy

You will need:

  • HP Sprocket
  • HP Zink Photo Paper 2"x 3"
  • HP Sprocket Pen Caddy
  • Smartphone with Sprocket App


Download the Sprocket app to your smartphone.

Make sure you charge your Sprocket before trying to print the pictures. I didn't do this and just plugged it in and tried to start printing. Each picture would drain the battery enough that it would have to charge back up before it could print the next one. It took a long time. Later, after it had been fully charged, I printed several more photos and they printed one after the other with no delays. 

Load the paper following the instructions in the box. Make sure to put the blue sheet in first. 

In the app select the photos that you want to print and send them to the printer. 

Slip the photos into the slots on the pen caddy. 

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