5 Little Monsters: Type One Diabetes T-Shirt Designs

Type One Diabetes T-Shirt Designs

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I have mentioned a few times before my daughter's recent diagnosis with Type 1 Diabetes. She has been super amazing through all of it and hardly ever complains about all of the pokes. Instead she has been pretty fascinated by all of it and feels like it is something special about her.

When we first came home from the hospital she asked me if I had ever gotten really sick and had to stay in the hospital when I was a little girl. I told her no and she smiled at me with a look that said she thought it was pretty cool that she got to do something that I didn't.

She is also obsessed with doctors and medical stuff, and she has been for years. Not that you would ever hope for any kid to get sick but if this was going to happen to one of our kids Lucy was probably the best one it could have happened to. Best probably isn't the right word but she has handled it better than I think any of our other kids would have.

From the time she was in preschool she has said that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. While we were at the hospital she told me again that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up, and now she will be an even better doctor because she already knows how to give shots! Once she started feeling better she spent most of her time in the hospital doctoring all of her stuffed animals. Some of them had diabetes and needed shots. Others had broken bones, or needed stitches, or whatever other things she could think of.

When she went back to school after diagnosis she was excited to tell her classmates all about diabetes, what it is and how she treats it. She has never been in any way ashamed or embarrassed about it. I love that that is how she feels.

One day a couple months ago I was looking through images in Cricut Design Space and accidentally stumbled upon a Type One design. After clicking on it and searching a little more I found that there were several different Diabetes designs, and more specifically several Type One designs.

 I showed them to Lucy and she immediately started begging me to make her a shirt to wear to school the next day. She chose a design, and luckily I happened to have a blank shirt on hand in her size. She chose a design that said Type One Diabetes Warrior. We hurried and made it before bed, and we also chose a few more designs to make once we were able to pick up some more shirts.

We ended up making one that said; Type 1 of a Kind, A Juice Box Saved My Life, and I'm Not a Superhero but I'm Fighting Diabetes.

Other designs said things like: But First Insulin, Type One-derful, Proud Owner of a Useless Pancreas, and parent designs that said Full Time Mom/Dad Part Time Pancreas, and more.

How to Make Type One Diabetes T-Shirts

You will need:

  • Cricut Maker or Explore
  • Design Space
  • Iron on in desired types and colors (I used a combination of Everyday, Glitter, and Holographic)
  • EasyPress and Mat (or heat press or iron)
  • Plain T-Shirts


Type Diabetes in the search bar in the image screen in Cricut Design Space. You can also click on the little (i) at the bottom of one of the images and it will bring up the cartridge and you can see all of the images on all of that cartridge. 

Once you choose your design, size it to fit on the t-shirt you are making. 

Cut from iron on, don't forget to mirror and choose the correct material. 

Weed, and press the design to your t-shirt using recommended settings. 

I used the following combinations of iron on and t-shirts:

Type One Diabetes Warrior: Bright Coral Shirt with Multi Glitter Iron On
Type 1 of a Kind: Blue Shirt with Silver Glitter Iron On
A Juice Box Saved My Life: White Shirt with Holographic Cobalt Iron On
I'm Not a Superhero: Bright Pink Shirt with Everyday Iron On in Silver and Ocean

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  1. This is so true. Thank you for sharing. If diabetes was more accurate behind the camera, the output on diabetes would be so different, and hopefully more accurate. I guess we need to keep advocating, and eventually a movie, book or TV show will come out with a main character who is accurately diabetic.