5 Little Monsters: Easy Vinyl Embellishments for a Play Kitchen

Easy Vinyl Embellishments for a Play Kitchen

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One of my favorite things about being a crafter is that my kids think I can make anything. Sometimes their requests are a little more than my abilities can manage but a lot of times I try to make it work. One of the simpler things I was asked to to involved my daughter's play kitchen. 

All Lucy wanted for Christmas last year was a play kitchen. She loves to pretend play and for some reason she had her heart set on a kitchen and play food and dishes. We spent a lot of time looking around at different kitchens because at 6 she was reaching the older end of ages they were made for and some of them we felt were just way to small. We ended up deciding to go with the Ikea play kitchen.

We spent a lot of Christmas Eve after the kids went to bed putting it together but it was totally worth it to watch her walk out and see it Christmas morning. She ran straight to it and was so excited that she got her kitchen. It was the only thing she had asked for for months. She loved it, and in the 6+ months since Christmas it has been played with on an almost daily basis.

However, after only a few minutes of playing with her new kitchen she discovered a major flaw. She had no microwave buttons or oven controls and she NEEDED to have them, but she figured it wasn't too big of a deal because mom could just make them with her Cricut. She even went and picked out the colors she wanted and brought it too me to show me how easy it would be for me to fix her problem.

Luckily it was super easy. I hurried and made a button design on my computer, cut it out of the requested colors and in no time at all she had hot pink buttons for her microwave. I thought I would share how I made this quick fix for Lucy's kitchen in case anyone else has a need for it.

How to Add Easy Vinyl Embellishments to a Play Kitchen 

You will need:


For the buttons I just made 12 small squares with rounded corners and arranged them 3 across by 4 down. I attached the top 9 plus the center square on the bottom row and made them pink, one of the bottom corner squares red and one green. 

I added numbers to fit on each square 1-3 on the top row, 2-6 on the second, 7-9 on the third, and 0 on the bottom center square. These were cut out of white. 

The oven knobs are circles cut out of pink with a small white rectangle in the middle. 

I cut all of the pieces out of vinyl and then used transfer tape to apply it to the kitchen. 

You can find the file I used HERE. (There is also a clock design that I did not end up using)

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