5 Little Monsters: Earth Corner to Corner Graphgan

Earth Corner to Corner Graphgan

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Ever since I was a little kid I have loved maps and globes. I remember getting a globe for Christmas one year when I was probably 6 or 7 years old and it was one of my favorite gifts ever and I had it for a really long time.

I think what I love about maps is the opportunity and adventure they represent. Places to visit, things to see, cultures to experience, people to meet. A whole world to explore. Not to mention the knowledge and sense of direction they provide.

I wanted to make a corner to corner design with the the earth on it partially because of my love of maps, but that was not my only inspiration for this design. I created it a couple months ago in the beginning of all the pandemic shutdowns. Kids were home from school, people were working from home, others were out of work, businesses were closed. Life was crazy and hard.

So many people all around the world were suffering in so many ways, but I was seeing so much negativity towards others on social media. People angry about the shutdowns thinking anyone who agreed with closing businesses was stupid and wrong. Other people upset that some people thought we should open things up when people around the world were dying, they obviously don't care about human life. People who wear masks are living in fear or are blind followers, people who don't wear masks are horrible, selfish people who don't care about others. It went on and on. So much negativity and so much lack of understanding and kindness toward others who may feel differently. It was hard to even look at Facebook because there was so much anger in the posts.

I'm not very good at putting my thoughts on subjects like this into words so I guess this is my attempt to crochet my thoughts instead. The version with the heart is my original design, and the idea I first had in my mind when I was creating it. I made the version without the heart too, just because I thought people might like that option, but the heart was the original design.

I wanted to, I guess in my own small way, express my hope for love, kindness, and understanding for people all over the world who are struggling, especially with everything that has been going on over the past couple of months. Whether it be physical struggles due to Covid-19 or for other reasons, financial struggles as businesses have been closed and so many people have been out of work, mental and emotional struggles from being shut inside and isolated, feelings of worry or anxiety about what the future will bring, or whatever else you may be struggling with right now.

How to Crochet an Earth Corner to Corner Graphgan

You will need:

  • 2 skeins white worsted weight yarn (Red Heart Super Saver White)
  • 1 skein each worsted weight yarn in blue, green, and pink (Red Heart Super Saver in Blue, Spring Green, and All Things You Essential Worsted in Arbor Rose)
  • I crochet hook (5.5mm)
  • yarn needle
  • scissors
  • optional: bobbins


I am working on a full corner to corner tutorial, including videos, but I am not going to share that here right now, but I will link to it once it is ready. Instead I am just going to share the graphs assuming that you already know how to do the corner to corner stitch and follow a graph. There are a lot of tutorials out there that you can use in the meantime. One I like is from Make and Do Crew

I used the traditional 3 dc corner to corner stitch to make both of my samples. The heart version was made using the full graph with worsted weight yarn. I wanted to make the version without the heart a little smaller so it was made using light weight yarn and I took some of the rows off to make it square. 

Download and print the chart you want:

Earth Corner to Corner Chart (no heart)

Earth with Heart Corner to Corner Chart

Crochet the design using the corner to corner box stitch following the chart, starting in the bottom right corner. 

To make the border I crocheted one round of single crochet in white, then one round of single crochet in green, and one in blue. 

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