5 Little Monsters: Wood Burned Coasters

Wood Burned Coasters

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This project is one that has been on my to-do list for a long time. Well, maybe not this exact project but I have wanted to make a wood burned project for at least the past year. I just couldn't make up my mind exactly what I wanted to make and what I wanted it to look like. 

I first tried wood burning at a blog conference a year or two ago. We had a craft night and one of the "stations" was wood burning and painting, and we decorated wooden spoons. It was actually kind of a frustrating craft experience because I spent most of the time trying to use a wood burning tool that was not heated up enough and I couldn't figure out why my lines where so hard to make and so light compared to everyone else's. 

From that time I have wanted to try it again so that I could figure out what had gone wrong my first try. Luckily for me, Plaid Crafts sent me a woodturning kit to try out so I had everything I needed.

 I thought about using a picture frame or something, but eventually I decided these plain, square, wooden coasters would be the perfect blank canvas to try a new wood burning project. 

I drew some straight line, geometric designs on the coasters and made this set of wood burned coasters. It was a much better experience this time around and it was fun to try a new craft. 

How to Make Wood Burned Coasters

You will need:


Begin by lightly drawing simple line designs on your coasters. 

Prepare your wood burning tool by selecting the tip you would like to use, I used the flow tip, and screwing it on to the tool.

Plug it in and let it heat up. I turned the dial to the hottest setting (dark red). This may take some trial and error to find the setting that works best for you. I first tried the setting just above the hottest (the bright red) and it worked ok, but it wasn't as dark of a line as I wanted and I found I got the best results on the hotter setting. 

Carefully trace the lines that you drew on the coasters. Tracing the lines slowly and steadily gives the best results. 

Spray with sealer to finish. 

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