5 Little Monsters: Easy Cupcake Toppers with Adhesive Paper

Easy Cupcake Toppers with Adhesive Paper

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One of the fun things about the Cricut Joy is the new materials that came out along with it. One of the new materials is Adhesive backed paper. It is a heavy weight paper that has adhesive on the back so you don't need tape or glue. It comes in lots of pretty colors and prints, each pack has 5 different designs.

The paper is sized perfectly to fit in the Cricut Joy (4.5" wide x 12" long). It is not one of the smart materials so you will need a mat to cut it. Even though it is sized for the Cricut Joy I can't see any reason why you couldn't use it in another machine, you will just be limited by the size of the paper.

One of my least favorite things with paper crafts is glueing little bits of paper in place so I think the adhesive backed paper is going to be nice to use for those projects.

I also thought it would be perfect for making little cupcake toppers, so I decided to make some. I have a daughter who loves to bake so she baked some cupcakes and picked out the colors for the little flag toppers we made.

I chose to make a simple flag shape that we just folded in half over a toothpick to make the topper, but I think there are so many ways you could change this project up to work for you and your party or theme. The simple little flags turned out really cute, but you could also have your Cricut write on them, maybe a letter on each flag to spell out something. Or if you wanted a more complex shape you could cut out two of the shape, one normal and one mirrored, and then stick the two together with a toothpick in the middle.

How to Make Easy Cupcake Toppers with Adhesive Paper

You will need:


If you want a different shape of topper you can create your own. To make a different shape you will need to make 2 of the shape you want. Keep one exactly the way it is and flip the other so it is mirrored. If there is a flat side like on the flags I made you can place them flat sides together and weld into one long shape, then the will fold in half to make the pick. If they do not have a flat side you can just cut out both and stick one on top of the other in the next step. 

Make sure your toppers are the size that you want. I made mine 3" long so that when they are folded they are about 1 1/2" long and about an inch tall. 

Cut them out using your Cricut Joy. Select on a mat for your cutting, and adhesive paper for your material. Place the paper on the mat colored side up, load into the machine and cut. 

Peel up the cut out piece and place a toothpick in the center of the sticky side. Carefully fold the paper in half making sure that the ends line up. Press to secure the toothpick in place. 

Stick the toothpick into the top of your cupcake to decorate. 

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