5 Little Monsters: Top Dad Father's Day Shirt

Top Dad Father's Day Shirt

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Father's Day is less than a week away now and I realized I have yet to do any Father's Day themed projects or gift ideas. I wanted to come up with something that could be made really fast, in case there is anyone else like me who waited until the last minute.

I was scrolling through Facebook or Instagram the other day when I saw an ad for some Father's Day t-shirts, and one stood out to me and I thought I could totally recreate that design with my Cricut. 

My husband is a big movie fan, he even has a podcast all about movies (Movies That Make Us if you want to check it out). One of his favorites is Top Gun, so when I saw a Top Dad shirt based on the Top Gun logo I knew I wanted to make it for him. 

The original shirt I saw was white with a blue and red logo, which when I looked for examples of the Top Gun Logo is how I most often saw it colored.  But I know my husband doesn't really like to wear white shirts, so I switched up the colors did a white and red logo on a navy blue shirt. 

I thought it turned out pretty nice, and is a fun Father's Day design for movie buffs. 

How to Make a Top Dad Father's Day Shirt

You will need:


Resize the design if needed.

Cut out of iron on, don't forget to mirror. 

Press to your shirt using the recommended heat settings found in the Cricut heat guide. 

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