5 Little Monsters: Kind is Cool Tote Bag

Kind is Cool Tote Bag

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A couple of weeks ago I went to Micheals, not really intending to buy anything, just to look around and waste some time while my husband got a haircut next door. But it turned out they were having a big clearance sale and I ended up leaving with a big bag full of stuff. Mostly kid craft kits that I got for my kids to use, but I also grabbed a few other things. One of those things was this rope handled tote bag. 

It was marked down super cheap and I knew it would make a great easy and inexpensive project. I like to look for things like that that I can keep on hand to use as blanks for vinyl and iron on projects. I have a bin in my craft room for extra blanks like bags, and t-shirts so that when I need to make something, whether for a blog project, or a gift, or some other reason, I have some blanks ready to use. 

Anyway, I picked up one of these tote bags with the plan to add an iron on decal to it. I had a bunch of different ideas of what I could put on it, but ended up deciding on this Kind is Cool that I found in Design Space. It is a design that is available free with Cricut Access, or you can purchase it by itself. 

I thought the style worked well with the bag, and I liked the message too. One of my favorite things about making things with my Cricut is how quick and easy it is. I love that in a matter of minutes I can take a design, cut it out, add it to my blank, and end up with a finished project that I can now use, gift, or even sell. 

How to Make a Kind is Cool Tote Bag 

You will need:


Begin by choosing the design you want to use or creating your own. The image I used was from the Empowering Phrase T-Shirts Image Set, Image #MF0479A2 Kind is Cool. There are some other great designs in the set if you want a different phrase. 

Once you have your design, resize it to fit the space on your bag where you want it to go. Because I wanted mine to fit on the white section of the bag below the grommets the height of the design mattered more to me than the width so I measured that space and determined that I wanted it to be 4.5" tall. 

Cut the design out of iron on. Don't forget to mirror the design. Weed the cut design. 

Press onto the tote bag following the direction for the iron on you use. I pressed it at 315 degrees for 30 seconds, then another few seconds on the back. Peel off the transfer sheet and you are done. 

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