5 Little Monsters: 12 Harry Potter Crafts

12 Harry Potter Crafts


Typically in July I do a Harry Potter week around the 31st, sharing some Harry Potter themed crafts to celebrate his birthday. This year I had other projects planned and wasn't able to fit a Harry Potter week in the schedule, but I still thought it would be fun to put together a post with all of my Harry Potter themed projects from over the years in one place. 

I have a mixture of crochet projects, Cricut crafts, and even some crafts for kids to make. I think I may still try to do a week of Harry Potter crafts this year. I have lots of ideas for more projects to make, I just need to find a time to make it happen.

12 Harry Potter Crafts for You to Make

Harry Potter Crochet

Let's start off with some Harry Potter themed crochet projects. I'm not going to lie (because one must not tell lies, of course), some of my very favorite projects are in this category. 


This crocheted Hedwig is one of my favorite stuffed animals that I have made. And, if you aren't a Harry Potter fan you can leave off the scarf and just have a snowy owl. This is a fairly simple amigurumi because it has less shaping and fewer parts than most. 

Hogwarts House Scarves

I made some scarves and robes for my kids to wear to a local comic convention. It was fun for them to dress up and they were even able to meet the Weasley twins and get their picture with them. House scarves are probably one of the easiest and most obvious Harry Potter themed crochet projects, and as you can see in the next couple of projects they are one I have used a lot. 

Hogwarts House Scarves Blanket

This one tops the list as my favorite Harry Potter project that I have made. Whether you prefer the books or the movies, this blanket is perfect for cuddling up on the couch to read or watch your favorites. It incorporates the scarves from all 4 houses into one big throw. 

House Scarf Bookmarks 

This was one of the first Harry Potter crafts I ever shared on the blog. These bookmarks are made with embroidery floss in the colors of each house. 

Harry Potter Embroidery

This category is a little weird because I only have one project that fits here, but it didn't fit anywhere else so here it is. 

Embroidered Dumbledore Quote 

I embroidered this quote on black fabric with a variety of shiny, metallic threads to represent the light and darkness mentioned in the quote. 

Harry Potter Crafts with Cricut

Cricut crafts happens to be my biggest category of Harry Potter crafts. I love the fact that I can so quickly make decor, clothing, or even party favors. 

Floral Deathly Hallows 

You can add a little feminine touch to your Harry Potter decor with this floral deathly hallows design. I turned it into a reverse canvas to hang on my office wall, and also used it to make an Infusible Ink zipper bag.

Sorting Hat Candy Boxes 

Fill these little boxes with candy in one of the house colors as a fun way to sort party guests into Hogwarts houses. 

Wizarding Spells Shirt 

This is the only Harry Potter project that I have made this year, as part of a Harry Potter themed blog hop earlier this month. You can use this design to make your own Wizarding World t-shirt. 

Harry Potter Baby Onesie

One of the first projects I made with my Cricut was a whole bunch of geeky t-shirts for my son who I was pregnant with at the time. There were a couple of Harry Potter themed onesies, including this glasses and scar onesie that has a cut file included in the post. 

9 3/4 Reverse Canvas 

Another reverse canvas I made to hang in my office, although just like a lot of these designs you could use them to add vinyl or iron on to anything you want. 

Harry Potter Kid's Crafts

Last but not least, I have a couple of kid's craft ideas. These are a couple of crafts that my kids really enjoy, and the Harry Potter theme is a fun twist. 

Harry Potter Perler Bead Designs

Perler beads are a favorite in our house and these 6 designs are perfect for the Harry Potter fan. A Sorting Hat, Hedwig, a Hogwarts letter, a Snitch, a Deathly Hallows, and house colors. 

Harry Potter Shrinky Dinks 

Shrinky Dinks are another fun project to make with kids. They can color them however they want and then shrink them down. 

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