5 Little Monsters: Library Read. Return. Repeat. Tote Bag

Library Read. Return. Repeat. Tote Bag

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A few weeks ago I was at Micheal's and I saw some canvas tote bags with colored bottoms and I picked up a couple. I shared a summer tote bag that I made a few posts ago, but today I am going to share what I did with the second one. 

We have plans to make a lot of trips to our local public library this summer, in fact the first thing we did after school got out was go get library cards for any of the kids that didn't already have one of their own. So I figured lots of trips to the library means we needed a bag to carry all of the books. 

I immediately knew that I wanted to use one of the bags to make a library bag so I started looking in Cricut Design Space for a design I wanted to use. I wanted something really simple and there were so many options to choose from. Most are free with a Cricut Access subscription, or only a couple dollars to purchase without a subscription. I ended up choosing this design that said Read. Return. Repeat. 

I thought it was perfect for a library bag. I made one big change to the design before I cut it out. I don't love layering iron on, so I sliced the layers before I cut them out. This way rather than having 3 layers thick of iron on in some places, the pieces fit together more like puzzle pieces. On a bag this probably wasn't that important of a step, if it is something you are wearing, like a shirt, it is definitely nicer not to have the bulk and stiffness of multiple layers, but it is just my personal preference. 

It came together really fast and we had a new bag to bring to the library. The only problem is I had was my girls fighting over who got to use that bag for their books. 

How to Make a Read. Return. Repeat. Library Tote Bag

You will need:

Open the Library Tote Bag Design Space Project, or choose the design that you want to use. 

Measure your bag and the area that you want the design, resize as needed to fit the bag. 

Cut the design out, don't forget to mirror the design. 

Press the design onto the tote bag one color at a time. Make sure all of the iron on is covered as you press each layer, I usually just reuse the same plastic backing that I just peeled off to cover any exposed parts of the design.

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