5 Little Monsters: Panda Tote Bag

Panda Tote Bag

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My daughter and a couple of her friends decided they wanted to dress up as pandas this year for Halloween and she asked a couple of weeks ago if I could make Trick or Treat bags for them with pandas on them.

I told her I would, but I hadn't gotten around to it because I needed to pick the tote bags and kept putting that off. I realized today that I am running out of time and I happened to be right by Hobby Lobby for another errand and finally ran in to get them.

The nice thing about these bags is that although I am making them for trick or treat bags there is nothing really Halloween-ish about them, so they will be able to continue to use them after Halloween is over. And you could make one anytime, it doesn't have to be for Halloween.

She described to me what she wanted and then I made the design. I actually had some tote bags in my craft supplies but they were all colored, and I really wanted white bags for the design we came up with.

We just cut out panda ears, eyes, nose, and mouth from black iron on and put that onto the white bag. The white of the bag became the white of the panda. I wanted to keep it really simple and I think it turned out cute. We added each of the girls names to the back so they could tell which one belonged to which girl.

How to Make a Panda Tote Bag

You will need:


Open the Panda Bag Design Space file. 

Adjust size if needed to fit your bag. 

For the names I used the font Ginko Regular and cut them out of Natalie Malan watercolor patterned iron on. 

Cut the panda out of black iron on. 

Press at 340 degrees for 30 seconds. The canvas of the tote bag can be a little difficult to get the iron on to stick to, it works best to let it cool a little before trying to peel it off, if it still peels up a little press again until it sticks completely. 

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