5 Little Monsters: Knotted Ears Bunny Bag

Knotted Ears Bunny Bag

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Easter is only a few days away, but I thought I would share one last Easter project. These little bunny treat bags turned out so cute.

The bags are lined with little flaps along the top. The flaps are tied together to close the bag, but they make the bunnies ears. I used iron on to add the faces, although you could embroider then instead if you want. I liked the idea of iron on because it was really easy and fast. 

The bags are small, only about 5" x 5" not counting the ears. The perfect size for holding a handful of Easter candy. They sew up pretty fast so even with Easter just around the corner you still have time to make a few. 

They would be super cute to give out as gifts, just a small treat to say Happy Easter! 

How to Make Knotted Ears Bunny Bags

You will need:


First print the pattern - PDF Knotted Ears Bunny Bag

Cut out 2 from your main color (white) and 2 from the lining (print)

Cut out a bunny face from black iron on (I used this bunny face from Cricut)

Use a 1/4" seam allowance for sewing

Place 1 main fabric and 1 lining right sides together and stitch from the corner across the straight section, around the ear, and across the straight section to the other corner

Repeat with the other 2 pieces

Clip the corners at the base of the ear, and at the point

Turn the ear right side out and open flat (so the main fabric is on one side, lining on the other, with the seam/ear in the middle)

Place the two pieces on top of each other right sides together with the main sides matched up and the lining sides matched up

Sew around the outside of the pieces, leaving an opening on the lining side for turning

Turn right side out and sew the opening closed

Press the bag

Iron the face onto the front of the bag, towards the bottom

Fill the bag with treats and tie the ears closed, making sure the the colored/lining side of the ears is facing the front of the bag

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